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This is The first part of episode 2 of Ajin. It's definitely connected to the overall Ajin story, but I wouldn't try too hard to make that connection until part 2 comes out later this month.

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So there was a good story element in this one I love the art and design you have on this one you have some nice detail in graphics the story of this is really good though so really nice work indeed I like your work on this flick here

Make more this it's very captivating


... love.

noiserover responds:


Not your best one, in my opinion. Also, what happened at the end? Where did the skeleton come from?

Wow! I love the look of the animation and the voice acting is very good. You even managed to make the lip movements sync with the audio - or at least well enough, that I forgot to look for it after the first 10 seconds. You managed to create a rather unsetteling atmosphere with the animations while the conversation was a wonderful mix of light girls-night-out-chit-chat and an extremely disturbing topic. Overall, I think you're probably psychotic, but you make great flash and I'd love to see more!

noiserover responds:

Thanks, you hit the nail on the head with the psychotic thing!

Another oddly unsettling atmospheric animation. Polished cel shading and talented voice actors. Whatever equipment you're using to record the voices adds something to it that I can't describe in words. I completely understood where Lucy was coming from when she lost it on Terry. Overall well done.

On a side note I feel the need to mention that, while I don't take issue with nudity, for some reason the inclusion of Terry's vagina was a little distasteful and made me question the themes of the entire flash. It was in poor taste in similar vein to Carroll Dunham's paintings of women.

noiserover responds:

Thanks for the good review! I get what your saying about Terry's vagina, that definitely wasn't my intent.

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4.09 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2015
8:39 AM EDT