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Card Typer

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Author Comments

19/08/2017 - Improbability Update:
- Game now runs on 90 fps (It was previously 30 fps and if you type too fast the keys wouldn't always register)
- New difficulties and renamed the previously hardest 280% difficulty

19/03/2017 - Freedom Update:
- You can now change your difficulty freely! (Previously, you can only lower your difficulty except if you reset your save)
- Challenge Mode progress text showing up at normal mode bug hopefully fixed for good this time.

A typing + Collecting Card Game. Type to use cards and defeat your opponent! The faster you can type, the stronger (faster) you are in game!

Defeating enemies earns you one card from their deck. Add strong cards to your deck and sell weak cards to buy better ones, or upgrade your HP!

- Upgrading HP is very important! You'll get great cards from enemies in later levels eventually, but you can't gain more HP by defeating enemies if you don't upgrade.
- Debuffs and buffs CANCEL each other! Which means:
- Think of which card should be used after which card - for example if you have an Eye Laser card (high damage, debuffs your attack) it should probably used right before Battle Cry (buffs attack) which would cancel the debuff from the Eye Laser card.
- If you're having difficulty, pay attention to the enemy, for example if they rely on attack buffs you can always ready a debuff attack card so you can cancel their attack buff whenever they use it.
- Knowing which enemy has great cards help as you will then choose them to grind with, since the card you gain is from the enemy's deck.

I would really like to do updates based on people's comments (I added sound/music mute feature based on last game's comments!) but for some reason doing that erases everyone's progress so I don't think I'll do that. Except if the change is big enough, then I'll upload a new version instead of updating this one which means you'd have to start over to play the new version but the old version will still have your progress. (Like when I added Mouse controls to The Simple Arena and made a new version called The Simpler Arena)

FYI, my average WPM in 10fastfingers.com is 106 and I play in Legendary (200%) difficulty.

If the game's not loading consider the following:
- Wait some more
- Refresh the page
- Try again later
- Try a different browser
That's probably not much help but eh I try.

Also, DPT stands for Damage Per Turn. Like DPS except well, it's damage dealt every 1 turn instead of every 1 second.

Go and write a review cause I'm bored! Let me know if you randomly decide to make a Let's Play video!


This game is fun, has a unique idea to it which is good to see! I completed it on legendary and will now be seeing what it's like on immortal. I figured it might be hard given the wide range of skill levels out there and the catering towards all but I was wrong. The game is very age friendly and aimed towards people of all ability. I have topped out at 127 WPM on 10fastfingers myself, it takes some practice but with time anyone can learn to touch type efficiently, don't get discouraged!

My only nick towards this game would be the zoom, everything appears very small and it's hard to read unless you CTRL + Scroll.

LeoGautama responds:

I appreciate the appreciation! My record was 134 WPM (http://10fastfingers.com/user/436768/) although when I just tried again and got just 112. Making this game involved typing a whole lot since a lot of testing had to be done and apparently after playing osu! I was able to read fast enough to keep up with my typing speed.

I played the game most comfortably in Legendary myself, which involved a bit of grinding as opposed to in Elite which likely wouldn't need any grinding at all.

I'm glad to know that you like the game enough to replay it in another difficulty!

The last difficulty ("Keyboard destroyer") was a "just in case" difficulty which would be extremely hard since the difficulty also affects the enemy's HP. Immortal would probably be really hard as well because of that.

Completing it in Legendary itself is already impressive! I usually don't find people typing as fast as I do and it was easier for me since I have the Developer's Advantage which is knowing all the enemies and cards.

Liked the idea but its counter intuitive, could have been prettier. it's too difficult, I got ass kicked by slime!

LeoGautama responds:

Lol just lower your difficulty.

Click Lower Difficulty on the Menu. (Bottom right)

This is actually a very interesting game that you would never see outside of a browser. You could have spent more time on the design, because there's one issue that anyone can see right away: since you have to write "sentences" to take any action, it seems optimal to spend 100% of your attention on typing, ignoring anything else. One solution that i see is to make the words complete themselves very slowly(or some sort of passive benefit), so if you want to stop typing to select a card, or check the status of the game, you will not be punished too hard.

LeoGautama responds:

A review! That was pretty quick.

Actually I CAN type while paying attention to card selection and what card the enemy uses and even the stats (buff, debuff, DPT, Regen), but maybe that's because I designed the cards and drew all of them so when I see the pictures of the cards I can quickly recognize them. Maybe this is easier if you can type without seeing the keyboard at all if you can't already do that.

I can't really change that part of the game but here's a tip:
Before going to battle, plan ahead on which card will be used after which. So you already know when you're playing, which card to save until which card shows up and then you use this card and then that card. Thus you spend less time on thinking yet can still use cards in strategical order.

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Credits & Info

2.93 / 5.00

Jun 2, 2015
8:04 AM EDT
Skill - Typing