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Humanity just realized they're not alone! Cities in flames, panic is everywhere, anarchy at its finest. Uninvited are here! Catch humans, upgrade ship, beat each stage with different rules, unlock archievements and have fun catching them all.

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Decently fun game. A checkpoint system would be nice. More music would do the game some good as well.

The music. My God, the music will drive your crazy. You WILL turn it off after 5 seconds so why have a music in the first place? Why can't we mute the music but enjoy the rest of the sounds? You cannot go a step back in the tutorial if you misclick and you won't understand the rules. Stage rules are either BS (like you can only pick up if you deplete your ammo??!) or do not matter at all. One does not know when a stage ends or if the people who are in the tractor beam when the stage concludes count or not. Very rushed and sloppy. Improve it and it will be great!

Perhaps a decent tutorial and some more information are a good start. Include a longer loop for Christ's sake!

It looks good!
It would be great, however if you didn't have to start from the beginning of the game if you lost one level, but rather be able to restart just from that level.
Otherwise, most players who managed to pass a few levels already won't feel like starting it all over.

I thought it was a really good game, and definitely had fun playing it. There were a few spelling/grammar mistakes in the beginning, but I don't know if they were purposeful since it was an alien speaking or just mistakes. The controls were pretty good too, and your description of the game is a pretty good hook to the game. I would also recommend maybe working on the upgrade screen, because when I first got an upgrade I didn't know what they all did, and could only find out by actually adding the upgrade, and I wasn't able to change it once I added it. Other than that, I think it was great!

The music loop is much too short.

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2.86 / 5.00

May 30, 2015
9:47 AM EDT
Skill - Collect