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Chaos / Capstone Project

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May 28, 2015 | 5:57 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is a map environment I built for one of my classes. All model assets were made using SketchUp, textures in Photoshop, then imported and rendered using 3Ds Max.

The project animation is running 15fps, with around 4600 frames total. That's alot to render...

3Ds Max takes quite a while to render what you need. All of what you see is around 90 hours of rendered footage, done on roughly 16 computers, each rendering a segment of the video. Taking around 6-14 hours each depending on scene assets. This would explain the random cuts and leaps in footage.

Interior at night, and exterior at day, look the best.

Some photo textures, such as the playing cards, soup can, the poster, tool wall, and skybox were modified from pre-existing images and made more applicable for use. All other textures were made of mixing or from scratch.

This is intended to see what you all think of it, which will effect and influence its direction. It is not to the point I envisioned, but due to time constraints, it's as close to it as I could've gotten. The few issues with lighting and some textures not showing up will be addressed once brought in a game engine, following any changes or ideas you may have for me. Most like it will be brought into CryEngine.

The song is Kontinuum - Aware
link to the song, since it's not from within NG:

Please enjoy, and let me know you unbiased opinion!!!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hard to believe this took 90 hours to render, it doesn't even have fancy light effects like ambient occlusion or blurry shadow edges when an object is far off the ground. Does 3dsmax just really suck at rendering light quickly or is it the fault of polycount/texture size?

Labyrinthus responds:

It's mainly at fault from 3Ds Max. The textures I made were relatively high definition depending on the object, and that causes mental ray renderer to suffer quite a lot when sampling the scene. There are soft shadows but the lack of light at night, and the exposure levels during the day, make it hard to notice. The interior lights that I did remember to put in were pretty rushed and i didn't adjust their photometric settings enough to really create ambient light well enough.

I'm still learning how exactly to get the best render out of 3Ds, so it might be a lot of personal testing on my end until something really looks great, and efficiently made at the same time.

Thanks for the review!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It looks wonderful. But you probably should have uploaded your favorite screenshots to art instead. I still love it.

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Labyrinthus responds:

Thanks! My expectations of what people thought, were not high at all. It seems like a walk through is never really accepted that well. I did post earlier images of this and another project actually, seems like people liked that upload way more.

Oh well, thanks again!