The Green Kingdom

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Dodger 5 Points

Build at least three structures on the enemy attack path

First Blood 5 Points

Kill the first enemy soldier

OMG 5 Points

Pass the level without losing any of your structures

Conqueror 10 Points

Occupy 150 land tiles

MrCleaner 10 Points

Clean 10 tiles from trees

Big Daddy 25 Points

Find and click the secret button

Buffett's Child 25 Points

Earn 350 golds in the first 30 seconds

Financier 25 Points

Earn 5000 golds

Foreman 25 Points

Build 100 structures

Serial Killer 25 Points

Kill 20 enemy soldiers in the first 60 seconds

Tornado 25 Points

Destroy 3 enemy structures in the first 60 seconds

Freddy 50 Points

Kill 750 enemy soldiers

Gagarin 50 Points

Earn 30 stars

Spender 50 Points

Spend 10000 golds

Wrecking Ball 50 Points

Destroy 250 enemy structures

Castles Fall 100 Points

Destroy 30 enemy castles

Author Comments

King of The Green Kingdom love peace.
He always was against the war.
He loves his friends - The King of Gray Kingdom, The King of Yellow Kingdom and The King of Blue Kingdom.
But once everything went wrong...
And everyone he love turns to him with swords and blood...

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The game is overall quite fun and It's one of my favorite flash games. However this game could definitely use a X2 speed option. Also when the AI teams up on you it can be unfair at times.

it was a vary good game until both ai teams spam you with 5 barracks each before you could have 1/8 what one team had.

I found this to be fun! With the upgrades later on giving different options for collecting money this was surprisingly balanced (although it's easy to outsmart the ai after a while). The resource management turned out to be a bit more complicated despite the simplicity, which is a fantastic aspect when pulled off in any game. I found myself unable to just stack mines in the later levels and in some cases just collected gold via towers etc. I do agree that it was a bit slow paced. The skill trees were a bit unbalanced too, and there was an obvious best route to take with that as I leveled up. I find myself seeing this game as a beta, or at least that's how it feels. I wanted to see more levels, a bigger skill tree, and perhaps more complex strategies. It has potential to be better, but I think if you make a sequel that to keep it feeling like the same game you should keep the simplicity of the battles. and find ways to make the skill tree more complex, perhaps going so far as to limit the skill points instead of giving every single skill by the end. it would promote more playstyles--if that makes sense. All in all it's a brilliant hybrid between tower defense/offense and RTS, much like the creeper series. Definitely one of my favorite games on Newgrounds, I hope to see more. Great job! And the people who say it's boring, I think it's due to the slow pacing. This is definitely a niche genre that isn't for everyone but it's right up my alley and if a sequel were to come I think you should stay within this sub genre, it's strongest points lie within it. For example, it annoys me to see a great tower defense with fireball spells, it destroys a lot of the strategy that this game pulls off so well and makes them seem generic. Keep your games fresh and simple man, you're doing something right.

*cough* multiplayer? *cough*

not bad, but booooring

I think there should be a speed up button

Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

May 27, 2015
3:14 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)