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Dark Mega

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Author Comments

Deception is taking place in the firm. Fix the firm network before it gets out of control! XBONE construct2 gamejam.
A/D or arrow keys= Left and Right
Z or M =fix PC
Gamepad supported

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nice! :D i like the graphics, i have no idea what to do with the red guys, how im supposed to identify the bad guys in time, what to do with the red running guy. The game is cool but there is too much information to find out at once, it should start slowly, smaller room, less computers, more interactions (┬┐why are there boxes to push?) etc... :) hope to see it finished

Why did I die when hitting a red guy? It he a hacker? Has this game tried to turn into a stealth experience, where I must avoid them (which is impossible in the narrow office)? And how to people turn red; do they turn by using red computers? Are they computer virus zombies???
Anyway, I think this is . . . alright. The map is huge, and I have a feeling you made the MC run fast to make up for that. Good on you, but it still isn't enough. Maybe when a CPU goes red, make a screen flash and have a giant arrow leading me in the right direction. Or a minimap at the bottom of the screen that shows where every CPU is and when one goes red. Or an assistant NPC who leads me in the right direction. Or simply an annoying alarm. Just something to help me know when a computer's red, other than stumbling across it.
Also, the stairs contribute to the difficulty to reach a computer. The stairs can be far away from my destination, and I need to jump from them multiple times (from a rather high point on the stairs, for that matter) to reach it. And I have fixed zero computers so far, because I have stood in front of those red screen and held down Z, but it shows no indication of being fixed, still flashing red as I step away helplessly.
Two more things: the MC looks like everyone else, and that's kinda a problem. On my first playthrough, I was staring at a man in a black suit, wondering why he wouldn't move on my command, then looked up and realized I was a different man in a black suit. Especially in a game where you die by running into red-head virus people, it's important that the MC can be distinguished from the other characters.
Finally, the deception theme. Sadly, I did not see a trace of it. Let me be frank: it feels like you made this game, realized the theme wasn't there, and just threw in some text to make us think it's about deception. Well, it doesn't feel like deception at all. Maybe if every time you fixed a computer, you extracted some mysterious files that talk about the firm's downfall and tell more about the hacker threat (some lost e-mail, a meeting transcript, etc.). Maybe the twist could be that the firm hired the hackers to get rid of their secrets, and you just happen to be in the line of fire.
The deception theme could spread to the red-head virus as well. Maybe if one person is red, but doesn't show it, but you know there's a threat in the company based on your information. By hacking the computers, you find them before they find you (which would actually make keeping the MC's black suit to your advantage, so he looks like everyone else to divert the threat). Just some ideas.
As a fellow entrant in ths C2 Jam, I nod at your effort, but I feel a lot more could have been done to this, on many fronts.

I can't remove PC virus

what do you in this game it is

Well, let's see here if I have this right. The game starts out with everyone having a yellow head and all computer screens are blue. Then at some point, a screen goes red, I assume those are the ones that need fixing. You go over to that computer, press the key to fix until the screen turns blue again.

There are these guys whose yellow heads turn red and if they pump into you, game over. You can be fixing a computer with a yellow headed guy standing next to you and suddenly his head turns red and pumps into you. Who are these guys? Does the red head man that you have been spotted, they become angry and try to stop you by pumping?

Then there's that little guy with a red head running around at the speed of lighting. Who is he? Again, if he pumps into you, game over.

So, the idea is to fix the computers while avoiding all these guys with red heads. Right? Some computers take longer to fix than others. Meanwhile, 2 other computers turn red.

What are the boxes for?

Good concept, but some explanation is needed. Did you have someone in a neutral position (IE: Has never seen the game before) test this game and give you feedback? Sorry for the low rating, but this needs a lot of work. I agree with the others who have voted.

Credits & Info

1.93 / 5.00

May 27, 2015
1:58 AM EDT