Flaming Bag of Poo

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Your favorite Halloween treat has returned -- it's Flaming Bag of Poo!
Send this tasty little treat to your friends and watch where you step!


Not bad

Well, here's the only non Happy Tree Friends submission released to this website under the MondoMiniShows name. It's interesting to see how different it is in style. Of course, I know that these are not all made by the same guy. It's funny just to see a screaming bag of poo run around. I don't understand how poo is so flammable when I heard it's mostly water. Well, maybe it's a kind that's just really dried out.

It has no point, as you can just keep on stomping until you smash the bag of poo. I am glad to have reviewed this in October. I like how there's candied corn in the bag of poo when it explodes. It would just be gauche to show actual regular corn in the poo. That makes me wonder, does candy corn show up in poo too?

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I wonder what this looked like in 1999?

This was made in 1999.

In case you people are not aware, this was made in 1999 with Flash 4. It is VERY old. The Newgrounds portal didn't even appear until 2000.

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funny but short

was alittle funny good that got a big size but was short next time make a longer one

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...Have you read the copyright?

He made this in 2002...I'm sure his skills aren't that good now as back then. (also, if you didn't know Happy Tree Friends is also a flash series he made go to the site google it up or watch it on youtube)

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Oct 11, 2002
9:21 PM EDT
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