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May 26, 2015 | 3:27 AM EDT

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Drake is your name. It's a name befitting a hero, one who fights monsters, saves Queens and generally lives a life full of adventure. However adventure has eluded you for the entirety of your young life. Instead, you've spent your days in a small village named Brimstone and...well, see it for yourself.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

A very well made"thought provoking" game :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very good


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like it man (y)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Alright maybe just a small bit of constructive criticism from a game modeler myself, The game was amazingly drawn out, for a flash game the graphics are beautiful. But the overall gameplay is a little low, and wanting to do the same things 7 times gets a little on the not worth it side, as 3 endings you get laid and keep the girl you bang and the other endings you CAN bang the virgin girl at the monastery, but there's no point if you already seen it. The sex was waay too short, as each of the speeds only went for like 3 seconds and then you click next and then next and your character auto goes to the next script, which isn't bad, more realistic that you can't hold your cum in for 3 hours, but I think a guy like Drake that's been banging probably since he was 15 would last longer than a minute, don't you? Also a picky thing from an artists point of view why is the base of Drake's penis black? That seems sickly man, and if my girlfriend saw that she would freak the fuck out. Also improve the framerate of the sex scenes at the first two speeds, I have 16 GB of RAM and an ATI Radeon graphics card and i was having a really choppy time at the start. and maybe even a few more girls, plus maybe even a secret one, and you would have a perfect game. For now, definitely make the scenes last longer and fix the framerate problem at the beginning of the sex scenes and this could be a 4.8 overall rating my friend!

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A quick walkthrough:
Castle < - > Town < - > Road < - > Swamp < -> Monastery
Swamp < - > Creek < - > Dark Forest
Creek < - > Ruin (open only if needed)

About gold:
1 golden coin on the floor in the tavern.
1 golden coin for giving the zombie a soup made of carrots and cockroaches.
1 golden coin for giving ash in the tavern a devil seed from the swamp.
3 golden coin in the chest from the creek. Strength of 5 or more is needed.

You need 3 gold for the flute and 2 gold to buy food for the monastery.

About Sword:
Short Sword, +3 strength. Sold for 2 coins in the stable.
WidowMaker, +4 strength. Traded for the flute to the peasant.
Sword of the damned, +5 strength. Gift from the princess for killing the assassin.

Ending 1:
Do quest until the zombie in the tavern will ask you to cure him. Go to the monastery to locate the crosse, go to the stable in town to grab the rope, fetch the cross, cure the zombie, go to the dark forest and kill the elf.
Ending 2:
Collect 3 gold. Save the Damsel and go back the the peasant. He will ask you to bring back the flute. Ask Ash in the tavern about the thief, click above your apartment door to make a red cross and enter. Buy the flute for 3 golds then go to the swamp with the flute. Watch the show and don't reveal yourself.
Ending 3:
Go to the monastery, save the damsel, talk to her and ask how to help her. Go buy 2 bag of food to the peasant and give them to the damsel. Ask her her about her sisters, go home and take a book. Give the book to the damsel and try to kiss her. *Sex Scene*. Ask her about the cellar door and enter the Cellar door. Kill the lizardman.
Ending 4:
Do quest until you get a invitation from the princess in your apartment. Go see her and ask about the quest. Go to the ruin and kill the assassin. Go back to the princess and ask for her. *Sex Scene*.
Ending 5:
Start as ending 4th but talk to the assassin and tell him you will handle the princess. Kill the princess.
Ending 6:
Start as ending 2 but reveal yourself. *Sex Scene*. Then finish like ending 1.
Ending 7:
Die in any fight.

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