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rated 3.35 / 5 stars
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May 25, 2015 | 11:26 AM EDT

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Author Comments

"Defeat the Road Queens one by one and fuck them all!"

A big project of mine...
Numerous flaws and potential for improvements, I know, but it was so time/energy/funds & ressources consuming that I had to settle for what we have here, or I would never had released it!
But it was sooooo fun!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Super easy when you get the car warning. Right click and play if you get caught to keep your money, but you have to get caught to unlock the cop pictures. Break the bank should also get upgraded.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

can't play because of the local storage on adobe player settings won't go away from the screen.

mattisgames responds:

Nothing I can do for you about that, alas, it's local to your playing device... :/


Rated 5 / 5 stars

dont look down if you want to play fair

candyred- bike
wipeout- feisar
hellroad- unlock

sorry to spoil your fun but I warned you huehue

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Merci Beaucoup pour donne nous un jeu en Anglais, parce que les gens des √Čtats-Unis sont trop paresseux pour etudier les autres langues. Aussi, desole pour mon tres mal Francais...

This game was great fun once I got past the 'dying 8 times on the first level because only 1 HP' problem! Buy the health upgrade first!

Sure, the cops are annoying at the start, when you need to stay on the left side of the screen to stay alive. But, even AFTER the cops bust you, Right-click and select 'play' and you'll go back to the shop with ALL your money! In fact wait another 5 seconds and you will even collect more money too!

I just upgraded my health and then sat at the top right and took one or two hits before finding the female drivers. I did find it quite difficult to actually HIT the female driver or the Bank truck. It seems like you must make the back of your car hit the exact center of the opponant's car. I also found it hilarious that the 'hero' says he is going to 'race' the women, but he actually just smashes their cars off the road to beat them!

The dialogue was funny, and the idea is still understandable through the translation. You really put a lot of effort into the story behind the sex and it makes the game more fun to keep progressing.

I really liked your sex scene art and the animation is fluid. Much better than mine :0 I was almost wishing the art was larger but Right-Click and Zoom in works too.

This game is a 5 star hentai game, especially with the fun storyline. The flaws really only subtract 0.5 stars. Excellent Work!


mattisgames responds:

Lol, you're welcome for my poor english!
I could say USA foreign langage habits has nothing to do with lazyness, though. (but more to do with history, diplomacy, georgraphy, economy and logistics global factors ^^)

Indeed there is several ways around to cheat, in this game or other. It's always fun, even if it doesn't compensate for the fact there are real flaws in it, yes.

Anyway, thanks for the extensive personnal impressions feedback, food for thoughts (and big improvements since then, anyway. A lot has been learnt, in 9 months ^^)
As a fellow creator, you surely feel that too, anyway : each game is a big step forward!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This game was alright, I mean it does need a lot of work but it's a good start. The only things that really bugged me were the lack of different car sounds, the speed thing being more of a bump me to next level nonsense, and there being no menu for you to physically click to go to the shop.

Overall it's a WIP so I'm not going to judge too harshly but it's not something I'd play for more than fifteen minutes. Good luck and cheers mate.

mattisgames responds:

Yep, about car sounds : if you happen to know any source ? 'Cause I search through a dozen sites and decompile at least 20 'car' games to found some, for weeks, and I got nothing to show for it!
Most flash car games don't have any car sounds or just 2 or 3! (compared to the 40 I used just for cars here) I must have missed something.