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Atmospheric Cattle Emission

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A mentor takes his students to a cow pasture after school to learn about how cow methane contributes to global warming.

Big thanks to Joe Porter for the excellent voice work! Check out his channel! - https://www.youtube.com/user/BigJoe134?feature=mhee

Made the animation as part of a visual art assignment that required me to utilize a current event and integrate it into the story of an animation. I decided on the recent research on the effects of cow methane on global warming because of how the methane comes from cows’ belches and flatulence, and a decent fart joke here and there is cool and what not ;). Since I was using a pretty general topic, I also wanted the animation to be a small parody of educational kid shows from the 90’s such as The Magic School Bus. The animation’s story had to be frequently changed up as the story ran longer than I thought and the class required me to change up the story based on the critiques of the class. Though hard, it was definitely fun seeing what direction the story would take based on the class’s thoughts and experimenting with a crude animation style to fit in with the paper background.


Also on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Twy5skaoDac

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First, for the style, it's not bad. There's plenty to be argued regarding the methods and particulars, but you are still developing and "cultivating" your own style, so don't sweat that just yet...
As to the content, actually, there's a miserably tiny percentage of the "out-gassing" from cattle (or any other flatulence for the matter) that accounts for methane. Yet, satellites have noted sizeable emissions from natural termite mounds through Africa and Australia... But of course, we can't blame anything natural if we (our government) have a chance at fines and taxes on the ranchers for their cattle raising and (evil) ways... I wouldn't point out such a contradictory point except that you have to be careful as an artist seeking publication that you put out GOOD information. (and by all means, I'm interested in the possibility of being wrong)
It's dangerous to blindly jump on a band-wagon of inertia and destroy peoples' livelihoods when you don't actually have all the data at hand... That's just a cautionary point...

As to the animation, nicely done... fluid and workable... easily understandable, and the voices and sound FX sync' up pretty well. I would (again) be cautious about the points I brought to view for pulication, because if you put all the farmers and ranchers out of business with this thing, what are you planning to eat???
AND what are you going to tell your darling (AND STARVING) grand children when you've accomplished your mission against the evils of farming and ranching herbivorous animals???
Good Luck!

Not to pick straws but they actually belch out the methane, not fart it out. Nice animation tho.

ElectroJoe responds:

I will say when searching through articles, cow methane was stated to be released through flatulence and belching, though burps do indeed release MUCH more methane than farting. I did bring up the belching releasing methane, though I did put more emphasis on the farting. I'll make sure to balance out facts aspects that vary in significance next time around. Thanks for your comment on the animation.

3 stars from me

Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

May 25, 2015
4:36 AM EDT