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Remove the dragon, wizard!

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I love the joke, The design, and everything!

Shrt,sweet AND self aware! Now thats a good game sir!

What a wonderful joke! Very simple yet quite unexpected and effective. The overall estrangement effect is very captivating and worth playing for, but the game itself (the first part of it) feels somewhat rudimentary and schematic, almost as if it was not trying too hard to hide its "meta-gaming" nature. The surroundings and navigation through it are clumsy (sometimes fitting into a passage is unexpectedly challenging, because of wizard's head bumping into the corners), but this is excusable, since the main purpose of the game is not to create a cohesive gameplay, but to challenge player's perception of in-game reality. And this goal is well accomplished, being supplemented with a sudden change of the spatial arrangement and corresponding gameplay change (from top-down to side-scrolling perspective, and addition of "heights" and "jumping"). A fading music also adds to the illusion of estrangement. Also some of the opportunities, hidden within the "meta-game" space of code editor were, in my opinion, unrealized. For example, there is a "create new actor" option visible in the background of the last screen, which is, unfortunately, unavailable. And why there is no king in the "actors" folder? This is not to say, that the game itself is not good enough, but the chosen narrative and gameplay direction certainly contains more possibilities then was realized here.

Ahah really unexpected!great game!

It's weird thou cool and strangely smart! That was unexpected journey =)

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3.81 / 5.00

May 23, 2015
10:50 PM EDT
  • Stencyl