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GG Well Played!! Episode 4

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Hi thank you for watching these cartoons are my children and I am their neurotic babydaddy

if youve come this far you may want to know where to find updates on the show; my tumblr and twitter are great spots to find out what i'm working on follow me etc


bonus: support us on patreon and i'll do more cool stuff

so, uh, daily fourth place and a spot on NG's front page?????? This is something I've been waiting for since like 2009 and I'm OK with waiting this long thanks everybody for voting and watching! The latest episode will be up soon on here as well so stay tuned

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Notbad film

Well what we have here is something different I really do like the different characters throughout the whole series and seems like you finally got the award and even front paged so props to you for that this video actually was unexpected but turned out some good results with more stylish stuff and I enjoyed it all so very nice work on this one. I could see you really expanding onto this even more so keep up the nifty animations

More animation like this with more characters as well


I love how this series gradually develop each character throug their lives far from the games.
Which tune is the one that sound on the dog scene? I know I've heard it before but can't recall where.

NEDP responds:

that track's an arrangement of Satie's Gymnopedie No.1 that I made in fruity loops with some chiptune VSTS- the song itself is pretty popular and it's used in a lot of different stuff. thanks for watching!!

Lol unexpected, turned out to be a video i thoroughly enjoyed! I'm looking forward to seeing more animations from you! Great Job!

NEDP responds:

thanks bud! stay tuned B-)

nice animation dude, I like your style. Good lip syncing too

NEDP responds:

thank you sambo!

And so they went on to play support Void as they all screamed SLASHERS WAY! of course it goes without saying they also lost that game, the salt is real.

NEDP responds:

slahser is my co-pilot

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3.90 / 5.00

May 23, 2015
3:19 PM EDT