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Don't touch my carrots!

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This is an incremental, clicker game where you have to harvest GROWN carrots, and protect them from rabbits.

You have to click several times on rabbit to make him go away(if you don't have any weapon).
With weapon you can kill rabbits, and get some bonus carrots for every kill. You can also change weapon by pressing keyboard buttons (1,2,3)

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something to pass the time I guess.

C'est original... petits points au'il faudrait changer : pouvoir améliorer le tracteur , plus d'upgrade en général, des graphismes un peu plus riches. Aussi , quand on achete le fusil en premier, puis le flingue, c'est le flingue qui est utiliser... faudrait pouvoir choisir.
Comment on débloque le chien???

So I played this game until it lagged so horribly that that the game simply came to halt. I am actually writing this comment while the game is on and nothing happened for the last 5 minutes, but I can collect carrots which are still left. Right before that it felt like some zombie shooting game, just instead of zombies there were hordes of rabbits and a bluddy carrot field. If the game would have a nicer graphics and wouldn't lag to the halt I would easilly vote 5 stars.

A slow carrot clicking game. The rabbits can be a pain.

Surprisingly addictive. I'd recommend revising the carrot's hitbox to be closer to a circle, so that it's easier to click on towards the "end" when you have so many carrots popping out of the ground the entire screen is completely green. I'd also make the point jumps from the fertilizer and fungicide grow more exponentially, since it is a bit too easy to upgrade to the point were the carrots spawn faster than one can click. Other than that, this is a fun game.

In fact, I'd love to see some expansion on this! Let's make this the next Little Inferno or whatever! Let's toss in an overarching plot and more things to buy from the store! Maybe it's like a near-apocalyptic world in which food is scarce and you just happened to be able to grow crops, and.... Actually, I'll let you decide. It's your game. I'd love to discuss this further though.

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2.53 / 5.00

May 22, 2015
6:53 AM EDT