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Mario vs. Geno

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Mario and Geno decide to duke it out.

This is my first Flash Sprite Animation. I hope you enjoy it.

Any constructive criticism is appreciated.


The problem with the borders showing has been fixed, turns out Newgrounds thought the height of the animation should be heigher than what I'd made. Silly Newgrounds... But we got to an agreement, and the borders are no longer showing in such a painful way.

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i really hope mario will win

Cool! I liked it :D
The voices and sound effects were nice touches :]

As for what could be fixed...try to get rid of the borders...the text was cut off...

The overall pace of battle could be faster...seemed like one thing at a time was happening...

I can definetly see you improve with further practice...either a part 2 to this or something else

Hey pretty good for you first animation. Tho it still needs a lot of work. You lacked physics and your squash and stretches were a bit too much to seem realistic. Also the effects for choppy and you showed where your stag ended. BUT I must commend you on your creativity in battle as no two attacks were the same and the audio was decent. I see potential though. If you ever have any questions on or need tips on how you can improve don't be afraid to ask. But good job otherwise.

Jindo5 responds:

The whole thing with the borders showing seems to be caused by the size of my animation not matching the size of Newgrounds' player. The only way to fix it that I can think of, is redoing the whole animation with a matching size. Do you happen to know a better solution?

The narration was really good. The animation was good. The music was good especially how it got faster as it got more intense. And, it really had me choosing who I wanted to win. Hell, even the credits were good.

The animation was smooth, you do need to work on the background formatting however, as you can see the white at the bottom and top throughout the animation. Other than that, great work!

Jindo5 responds:

Late answer and I apologize for that. But the problem with the borders should be fixed now. Basically, my animation wasn't the correct height for the basic Newgrounds window, so I had to go in and fix that.