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Ragdoll in Space

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"Also available on Android"

How good are your reflexes in zero gravity?

Ragdoll in Space is a one of a kind sidescroller game in which you fly around in space at zero gravity, avoiding asteroids, picking up powerups and completing challenges.

The gameplay is a breeze: You can grab the ragdoll by any body part and drag it around... and trust us: That's really fun!

The challenges? Well... completing all the challenges isn't a job for the faint hearted! But that's just why we included a "practice mode" in the game, so you can exercise your skills and float the ragdoll around without worrying about those pesky asteroids!

Are you the man or woman for the job?

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It's fairly interesting, and the music is just... amazing... and amazingly peaceful. Good job, keep it up!

Dammit, thingie, stop dying whenever your foot gets touched!

fun game! well done, good physics and nice concept.

here's suggestions for no.2:
I don't get why you've put a red points area on top, for me the faster you go, the more points you should make.
- something like bits of armor, to be purchased with the stars, like a helmet or arm/leg protection, that would withstand a couple of hits, depending on the upgrade
- larger green points zone
- general ability to take hits, depending on the size of the asteroids, start with an upgrade to take couple of hits from the smaller ones, and upgrade your way to take a few from the larger ones
- increase chances of getting more stars/good power-ups
- stuff like "free throw", do X points without holding
- do X flips in a row
- random useless stuff like that, just to make it more fun to continue playing

HGDesigners responds:

Thanks so much for your feedback, it's really productive, I'll definately remember it for the next update!

Number 2 all time!

Fun and relaxing game. Love the music and novel gameplay.

Good Game :)

HGDesigners responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!