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Final group collaboration animation. Created mostly in 3DsMax, Maya, Flash, and After Effects. This animation was an test mostly in combining both 2D and 3D elements in the same environment. This version will be updated By Zach over the next class quarter and updated.

Lead Animators

Nicholas Jordan
Tumblr: spectralbeaconart.tumblr.com
Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user22565074

Zach Paulus
Website: www.zachpaulusart.com
Vimeo: vimeo.com/metaphex
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ZachPaulusArt

Intro Audio from here

The Animatic can be viewed Here

Music from Incompitech by Kevin Macleod

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Very nice

Very nice work here the animation was flowing pretty well looks like it took you awhile to get this going and completed but you put a lot of energy into this and the talent shows right off the bat so very nice work on this piece and for sure will look for more of this style from you. Only thing I would change and or upgrade would speed up things as some things were slow but anyways nice job on this piece

Speed up things just a tad


lmao, now that's some dangerously hot taco chowder! I can see the potential for lethal weaponry there hmm. Wasn't much of a fight at the end, as I'd hoped for, but the animation was great, powerful; well-voiced!


The animation was gorgeous, I thought the mesh of 2d and 3d worked really well. My one criticism would be that you need to get to the action faster, it's sort of slow. My advice would be to read up on story structure, specifically Dan Harmon's story circles. You only realistically want to, at most, spend 1/4 of the story on introducing the character. So, I would've liked to see a more of a focus on the adventures of Man of Sauce, so to speak. Other than that I loved it. Great Job.

good realizzation of the short, but its boring, i mean, nothing appening in this cartoon!

however, i want see other cartoon with this 2d/3d stile!

slow moving story, kinda missing a good plot there but the animation is a nice combination of 2D and 3D. i like how the truck moves and bounces though. the music's kind of exaggerated, doesn't go well with the character's reaction.

Spectralbeacon responds:

Looking back i can definably see the slow moving story, the main goal i had in mind was the 2D, 3D combo which for a first go, i think is alright but can definably use more work. One of the most difficult parts being that i was the lead 3D animator and there wasnt a lot of together time with the 2D artist which led to timing issues.

But i have to give it to you, that you are the first person to not be on board with the music, i kept it since the animatic phase and was encouraged to keep it from a lot of classmates and professors. But hey its hard to jude at this point since its so deep in my brain at this point. Though, hey i appreciate the critique, and will keep it in mind moving forward!