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Earth Force Defenders

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Author Comments

- Added keybinding to hangars. Press 1 through 5 to select the corresponding hangar.

Earth Force Defenders is an epic real-time strategy game that mixes up the traditional defense genre. The earth is in danger and you'll be in charge of the last resources to protect the earth against an alien threat. You can command squadrons of fighters to attack the incoming aliens. Lead your troops against the aliens and meet them in space for incredible dogfights, destruction and sacrifice.

The earth has acces to a few hangars where you can build your spacecrafts. Press on a hangar to select it, then press somewhere in space to unleash your spacecrafts. Hangars can develop different kinds of spacecrafts, fast maneuverable fighters, heavy bombers to deal a lot of damage and defenders with a thick hull.
Unlock different kinds of upgrades to make your spacecrafts even better or unlock earths mighty power by building a shield that covers the whole planet or build a laser cannon on the moon!

● Fast-paced combat
● Strategic gameplay
● Epic space battles
● Challenging levels
● Special super weapons to save the day

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I loved the game, in my opinion the graphics dont make a big diference in the game, the gameplay is good and the controls work very well, i really like this game, the problem is, he ges boring, but ALL game gets boring, cod black ops is one of these.




I can't even play this game I have unity but it won't download the file this game is horrible if I can't play it


Two-Thumbs responds:

Unfortunately, chrome does not support the unity web player anymore. Please try it again in firefox.
We hope that unity and WebGL will get better soon, so that we can use WebGL.


Well game is nice, hovewer here are some things that could be better.

Your units are hard to control: you have only one type of command, 'go there and back to base and back to point, attacking all you meet'. So i cant leave them to patrol area, nor i cant order to not pursue specific enemy units (esperally when with bombers I want to attack enemy Rocket Cruiser ignoring random fighters, or when i want to destroy enemy heavy bombers with my weaker fighters and 'hit-from-behind-and-run' tactic)

Another thing are ships. Not sure if one have to even buy bombers, since they don't ignore fighters (and get destroyed) and if they reach enemy heavy ship, seems they dont deal much more damage than fighter group. May be you have to put some real stats in game so we can see truth.
Defenders are only bit better: while they are less fragile (nearly twice as), they are losing in numbers (almost twice as) and have less firepower and speed. Their omnitargeting is useless as enemy will dodge most of that shots and defenders themself will pursue enemy as if they were fighters. Nice idea, bad inplementation.

So really we have only fighters. Hull upgrade is mostly useless, best defence are defence and low respawn time (and Instant Respawn along with other Powers). Game have too little content.

Also, controls are not so good as they should be. Lazor Power (aka moon cannon) must be used once you clicked it and game dont shows you it. Easy to click one hangar instead of ordering to go to that place fleet of another hangar. And i described problems with ordering

So it's all. 3 of 5. I liked it, but it have problems. Sure this can be fixed soon.

P.S. Extra content suggestion: additional special hangar which produces automatical "Sputniks", special ships which can only move on Earth's orbite and cannot be controlled (auto move), sputniks have inproved range and omnidirected fire like defenders, and are used for defence in case main forces are far away.

It was an entertaining game.
I found the bombers useless.
they suppose to shoot hard but what is the point if they shoot slow...
Maybe if they would do AOE attack instead.
Since they shoot and move so slow it makes them useless against the mother ships.
Fighters are more effective they move fast and shoot fast making them ideal to destroy the mother ship mini ships fast before they turn into a threat.

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3.74 / 5.00

May 19, 2015
3:43 AM EDT