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Void Vikings

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Void Vikings is an action packed 2.5D top down space shooter. Pilot three different ships with special maneuvers and each with their own fantastic abilities to destroy your enemies. Pillage loot they leave behind to outfit your ship becoming even more powerful. Warp from system to system to take on larger and stronger waves of enemies. Death is the end but the glory from your battle will carry on.

• 2.5D, top down, fast paced, action packed space shooter.
• Endless procedurally generated enemy systems and fleets.
• Three unique ships with their own special abilities to unlock and upgrade.
• Pillage randomly generated loot to increase your fighting power.
• No extra lives or second chances.

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starting playing at 7... stopped at 9:30, broke Freyja's stats... yet can't stop playing. had a score of 5 mil. If this hits steam, PLEASE include a multiplayer feature, that be epic. Also may wanna have something so the mother ships start getting stronger, when you can down five of them coming at you at once, think they become more like treasure boxes then a threat.

This is among the best of it's genre I've ever played. Thoroughly enjoyable, no noticeable flaws.

Suggestions for improvement?
- List the primary and secondary weapons of each ship in the description, so the player can know before using it.
-Add a survival mode -or something like it-, for an increasing difficulty play in the late game stages.

Nearly Perfect.

Let me start by saying that I played this longer than several games that I have paid for. There is

Thoroughly enjoyable gameplay.
Sound effects fit well.
Graphics are outstanding.
Upgrade system scaled well and felt rewarding.
Ships/Weapons were varied and added to the fun.
Tutorial was perfectly paced.

Radar system was glitchy. At higher levels, crates and enemies would not show up.
Scaling of difficulty was not linear.

Going into inventory should pause gameplay.
Change music to something a little more fast tempo.
Add storyline.

I am absolutley backing you on Steam and cannot wait to play a full version. It would be my pleasure to be part of your alpha/beta test. (Love that you used the music from Demolition Ranch on your demo video)

Very nice game. Wouldn't be surprised if this wins game of the month.

I think the text is too small sometimes, especially in the ship upgrade menu. Also, you have RMB functionality but the right click context menu still shows up.

uglybeardgames responds:

While playing hit ENTER to go fullscreen to work around the right click context menu. It also gives a much better experience ;)

Edit: Newgrounds has wonderfully fixed the RMB issue so the context menu shouldn't show up anymore.

Ignore Keric, he's either never played Lost Viking or didn't bother to actually play this before commenting...
While the Odin does like somewhat similar to SC2's Viking and was probably inspired by it, it's not a direct copy and the gameplay is actually completely different from Lost Viking.

I really do like this game, having three ships with very different weapons and abilities is great, the first few systems tend to be a bit slow going, but that changes quickly enough with drops turning up more often too.

A few minor gripes though, enemy variety is a bit lacking, the jump in difficulty from easy to normal is rather harsh (especially after completing a few systems already ) and the crosshair really shouldn't vanish inside the larger enemies...