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Fay - Time for work.

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Not all Jobs are fun.

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This movie had a very a perverse sense of humor.

The movie becomes extra funny by having a certain level of familiarity with the other Fay movies.

The blonde guy in the movie sometimes simply puts a pink bow into his hair.

The pink bow usually indicates that he is cross dressing.

The context of the movie still works as a stand alone submission.

I've sometimes seen uncolored gaps where color was supposed to be.

The movie looks a bit rushed in certain spots.

The overall movie still turned out to be entertaining because of it's demented sense of humor.

I'm loving these movies so far.

- Mightydein

willcamick responds:

It was a bit rushed. I hope to take more time on my next one. :) I have had a few people ask about Fay's bow and what is the meaning behind the fact Fay wears it half the time. My answer is Fay is what ever people want Fay to be.

lol well this is different!

well before i saw it i knew it would be fked up
nothing wrong with that
just strange how you got motivated to do this in 24hrs
amasing too, not many people i think can make this
its a hard work and if you really made this on that time i got to say
you are really motivated on animating
dont care if its wird stuff
good job

willcamick responds:

I am vary motivated to animate the stuff in my head. Yes this animation took me 24 hours with a few breaks to eat and use the washroom. When I start something I don't want to stop and come back to it because I will loose the feeling I had at the time, and that shows in the final product.

Thank you for your fantastic comment :) People like you motivate me to become better and create more. And thank you for the stars. It honestly means the world to me. :')

This kind of reminds me of the Alfred's Playhouse series that was on here a while ago.

willcamick responds:

Emily youcis is a huge Inspiration to me, so I can see that reflecting in my work. I hope to do a collaboration with her at some point :)

Hmm... Not 3D Not smooth its just Sketchy as crap. Well for my opion

willcamick responds:

You are correct. That is the style. I hope to improve on it as time passes.