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19th Century Witcher

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With the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt release just around the corner, I thought I may draw a character design of a witcher from the early 19th century, I thought that it was a good idea and I'm pretty happy with the result

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I like this

So this was a nice design and was a different kind of flash then normal seeing but you have some nice ideas and the concept and design of this was really good top notch if you ask me. And you added your own little twist here on this and that was a plus in it's own right as for improvement hmmm well maybe much more animation and more smoother

Much more animation added and smoother lines


Great design, save possibly the terminology...
A "witcher" (in the day) was someone who uses arcane knowledge to find things (water, lost items, and what-not, for instance)...
What you seem to have created is a 'monster hunter'... so you might want to rethink the whole title for the guy. Even that he is a witch-hunter, you might consider starting with someone a bit younger and more... ahem... complete in the anatomical sense, unless this is an old odger in the scene without too many years to give anyway.
If your looking for a central character, in say, a series, I might strongly caution against the age and obvious scars so you can create the stories behind those things. Then you can make your audience absolutely follow the guy...
Of course, if you wanted the elder to teach the central character for your serial, you could definitely use this as an obviously experienced character to those ends... and even draw the audience (us) into liking him just well enough to kill him off and break our hearts... It can really work either way, though that would be the best employment...
Still, the terminology of 'witcher' is a bit misleading... unless you're creating something completely different.

FilipStredansky responds:

yeah... I know something about witchers, I played the second game (unfortunately I haven't read any of the witcher books, but I LOVE the comics! )
and yeah, just like you said I tried to design a monster hunter and my idea was that this is a witcher, maybe from a witcher family (I think that witchers can not have kids, but yeah I don't really think about the plot of the backstory while I'm drawing :D ) the idea was that witchers were a relatively poor cast of monster hunters, and they were aslo dying out so This character would be from a family of witchers that was able to produce kids that would become witchers and since most of the other witchers would be dead, people would pay mutch more for the monster hunting service and this family would get wealthy and strong
so this witcher is something like a monster hunting noble (but from the witcher universe)

or the other idea would be that this is a 'what if' scenario and the witcher books and games would take place in the early 19th century

the thing is that I'm not Andrzej Sapkowski (author and creator of the witcher books) so I'm not able to put something this extreme into the lore, because I don't even know it very well
but I'm sure that Andrzej Sapkowski would be able to somehow force witchers from the 19th century into the lore

anyway I'm extremly thankful for the review and I'll definitely apply your advice in my next artworks (or I'll at least try :D )
have a nice day buddy!

Elaborate character design! Nice work.


FilipStredansky responds:

thanks, and yeah, I'm trying to get better ;)