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Roomryder [Stage Version]

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Author Comments

Yesterday, I made an easier version of my game "Roomryder" after I got a great tip from the first owner of the Bronze medal @Josef-Eliasson

Thank you, dude!

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Just recently got introduced to this Game , and i have to say its massively addictive in my opinion. The Controls are Great , it needs quite a bit of Concentration to do the Levels which is good and keeps the User entertained ! The Music is good too , it doesnt get boring that fast as is with some other games :) The Mouse to Prop Smoothing is nicely done too , runs very Smooth on a High DPI Mouse :) As a Final Resumée i rate this Game 5 Stars because i like it !

rawb1t responds:

Thanks, Bro :p

So... hard! Last version must've been near impossible. :) I like the idea, but the control's difficult, such precision required with such a device like the mouse that so easily moves more than you'd like it to, maybe I need to adjust DPI for games like this hmm. Everything apart from difficulty levels is good, bit too challenging for my taste, too little marginal for error in those tunnels.


This " easier " version could be much easier. Not every game has to be difficult.

I fail to see how this is much different from your other attempt. It is still the same unforgiving game that starts out incredibly hard and doesn't let up. It's like throwing someone into a large, densely, packed cactus patch, and telling them it's a fun challenge to get out, even though the only path goes back to where it starts. So, don't blame people for not liking your game, because they don't see it as relaxing and fun.

Here's an idea, widen the paths by a lot, then slowly shrink them in each descending stage. Simple.

rawb1t responds:

You compare the game with throwing someone into a cactus patch? I guess, you take this too serious... but I'll think about your suggestion.

Overall it took me a second to figure out what it wanted me to do. Overall I would pick a different soundtrack as it was too loud and metal at least for me and even turning my volume way down it was blaring. Overall this was a very unique idea one I have never seen done before and involves a very nice utilization of the mouse. However this is ridiculously hard and to me is like trying to do surgery because if I get one pixel out of place I lose. Overall this should be made easier at least to strt with but there is some real potential here.

rawb1t responds:

Actually, this IS the easy version - the original game is way harder! Mute button for sound coming soon. Both of them are hard at the beginning, but it's possible to grab some medals :) As I wrote in my newsfeed @ NG, I don't like that piss-easy games. I think, that a game needs a challange in it ;)