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Abandoned: Cube Chambers

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Do you remember this place? This huge, menacing complex was built by the Watchers somewhere within the Abandoned world. Nobody knows the Watchers’ goals.
But now you’re here. Try to escape… if you can.

This game is spin-off of Abandoned 1 http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/651208

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Great game. Challenging, but fair. Had to use pen and pencil in the pyramid. With that alternative numeric notation I was simply unable to see the greater picture. I also like the 'end', it fits quite well. Pity its not part of a bigger, more classic game with items, inventory, etc.

Well, this is too much a copy of the submachine-Games by Matheusz Skutnik. It has even the same font and the same ladder-design, which both are things that could've been easily altered.

Although I accept that you put work into it, it's more a spin-off of Submachine.
If you were inspired by it, just put it in the description, there's no harm in that, in the end we all form our style based on what we see others did.
If you weren't, well that would be a weird coincidence, that would be somehow unbelievable to me.

This game is good but the puzzles are cringeworthily hard. Don't make it so hard with the next game as that will turn players off. I'm still looking forward to the next game in this series though.

The first Abandoned game was great, this one not so much. It has good graphics, but I didn't like the puzzles (solved the first puzzles by random clicking and used some hints for the fourth). Looking forward to Abandoned 2.

I liked it but all of the puzzles were very hard, some I solved on my own but I needed a walkthrough about 3 times. I still don't understand the first one but I'm excited for the next game ^_^. I love how it looks so similar to Submachine because those are my favourite games, though these puzzles are quite different. I wish there were secrets in this game too. There aren't any right??

krutovig responds:

The secrets will be in the main serie.

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3.49 / 5.00

May 18, 2015
10:07 AM EDT