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Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/ DirtyChimiChanga

rated 1.81 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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May 18, 2015 | 2:20 AM EDT

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Author Comments

This was animated on Flipnote 3d looks alright..i guess xD.
I don't think drawing on flipnote 3d was a good idea lol. Oh well, I worked hard on it thou~ P.S This is NOT my voice. It's my friend's



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Animation was not so good, But your voice is Epic. No joke you should do voice acting. 4 and ahalf stars just for your voice alone.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i always find flipnote animations impressive.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

terrible animation/graphics
the sound wasnt good and this was just... silly and all swearing
no time or effort into this

JDoUo responds: did take like 6 months because of school but ya it did suck lol flipnote 3d isnt the best animation app out there, but thank you for your time. c:


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's actually really cool that flipnotes was used for creating this animation.

You can still create new animation while you are away from the computer with flipnotes.

Any version of the nintendo DS can be taken anywhere because it is portable device.

You have the luxury of actually observing out door settings while creating new animation using flipnotes.

Flipnotes is an art application that you can easily take with you.

Flash is not portable unless it is installed inside a laptop.

I'm not certain if is possible to create flash animation using your cellphone.

Generally flash animation cannot be created in portable devices such as a cellphone.

The nintendo DS is basically a small computer that can taken anywhere.

You can play games, animate with flipnotes and possibly access the internet using wifi.

You have an amazing animation tool that didn't exist in my own childhood.

I would have appreciated flipnotes existing.

I appreciate flipnotes existence right now.

I can more easily pump out new animation because of flipnotes.

You don't always have access to a computer but a portable gaming device can be used whenever another family member hogs the computer.

The nintendo DS has a built in pen tool to make drawing easily accomplished.

Flipnotes and Nintendo DS were tailor-made for each other.

Drawing with the nintendo DS pen tool is significantly more natural feeling than using a computer mouse.

If you can't afford a tablet for the computer than the nintendo DS already functions as a mini tablet.

You could import your flipnote animations into flash and trace it.

You have an amazing animation tool in your possession with lots of potential.

You have no reason not to use multiple tools for creating different animations.

It's not the actual tools used for creating art but your artistic ability.

The great thing about animation is the endless possibilities to invent strange new worlds.

Anything is possible in cartoons.

Internet animation has an edge against mainstream animation produced for television, movies, ect.

Internet animation has a level of freedom that cannot be offered by television and movies.

You can easily get lots of exposure for your new animations on this website.

I usually received more viewers for my cartoons by posting them to newgrounds instead of youtube.

Flipnotes is a kickass new animation tool for creating internet cartoons.

I noticed you used the latest version of flipnotes.

Flipnotes now has more colors to play around with.

My version of flipnotes has a much more limited ability for adding colors.

I seen red, blue, green and yellow.

I only have an ability to use two colors at a time.

I have a much more limited supply of colors in my nintendo DS.

Your version of the nintendo DS has a lot less limitations.

Don't blame the tool used for the quality of the overall cartoon.

You can train yourself to get better at animation and drawing with experience.

Your voice acting sounds like a young kid.

Being a young kid will give plenty more time to practice your craft and make improvements.

Stick with creating animations and you will have an edge against future rivals.

A lot of internet animators begin in their teenage years or adult years.

Starting from childhood will give you plenty of time for practice.

Take advantage of your youthfulness while you are still young.

The drawings in this movie were very primitive.

The arms were often drawn in stick form.

You also used actual stick figures too.

I liked the poses of a few of those stick figures.

Stick figures generally need strong poses like anything else.

Animation poses are very important.

The quality of the drawings began to decline as the movie continued forward.

You can prevent that problem by only working on the cartoon at certain times.

You want to completely enjoy the process of creating new animation.

You appeared to have the most fun creating the animation at the start.

I noticed a higher attention to details during the early parts of your movie.

You gotta constantly change things up to break up the boredom of creating the same thing.

Take breaks with creating your cartoons and than return after you received a renewal of energy.

You can't force yourself to create new art.

You'll create new stuff whenever you want to.

Creating will simply come naturally to you.

I didn't like your movie to be completely honest with you.

I still awarded you with extra points because you selected an extremely good animation tool.

You just need more practice and soon will be able to more effectively utilize it's potential.

Keep pumping out those new movies.

Ignore those nasty critics because your goal is practice by producing new animation.

You'll gain experience from practice and learn new things.

I hope to provide some useful information for your future animations produced with flipnotes.

Keep drawing and be ready to take on new challenges.

Best of luck to your future endeavours.

- Mightydein

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JDoUo responds:

Wow..You are so right It's not the app it's me and my talents that creates the project, reading this made me realize to continue to better myself and work harder on my animations. Thank you dearly for your time. p.s Im teaching myself as I go so thank you for the great criticism. c: