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The Pilot

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A short film animated and directed by myself.

A boy goes fishing and finds himself in unexpected danger. Luckily, an unknown vigilante known as the Pilot comes to his aid...

This is my Senior Thesis Film, produced at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

Music and Sound Effects by Søda the Junker [JSMD Productions]
Special Thanks to Garion McCauley and Jackie Bauwens

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Wow nice

Well you can't go wrong with some fishing but I do have to say that this was a nice film some fresh art and some even better animation and there was a nifty story here too so nice job all the way around on this one

A nice film and in need of no changes at this time



Nice animation. I really enjoyed the designs of the characters and the backgrounds. The colors in this were really nice. The only issue I have is the sound effects were lacking in some spots. The music was really good though.


DreaminErryDay responds:

This was my college thesis, I developed it mostly by myself for the majority of my senior year. Spent 3-4 months in pre-production figuring out characters, scenario, and animatic. Then the next 3-4 months were spent in production and post pro, animating, cleaning, coloring, painting backgrounds, etc.

Amazing animation! Entertaining,gripping, INSPIRING! I can only imagine what this animation would be like if it had clean lines(thought the style you guys were going for was good). The music was great as well!