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Zoey: Cum Harvest

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United States - Present Day

There's not many good things to come out of the apocalypse, but she was one of them. The way she smiled, the way she moved her hips and the way she despatched hordes of undead without batting an eyelid. You've had a crush on Zoey from the moment you laid eyes on her during that fateful encounter in the alleyway two weeks ago. Since then you've been through hell and back together.

When a cunning smoker grabbed you by the neck, she was there to cut you down. When a hunter had her pinned down, you hacked it off her with your trusty fire-axe. But you never quite knew if she felt the same way about you, if her thoughts were as debauched as yours...

Until tonight. As she eases herself down to her knees in front of you and unzips her trademark red top, your heart is beating. Is this really happening? You want to pinch yourself just to make sure, but before you can, Zoey hungrily kisses the tip of your throbbing manhood.

It's really happening.


Zoey - PixieWillow
Animator - Yagskie
Scene - ClockworkBeast
Flash Coding - Rorschach
Producer - DC
Credits Image - Urbanator
Model by - RedMenace (he didnt want to be credited but we're doing it anyway!)

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Err yeah that was a date that cut to the chase pretty fast. ROFL

Dating Game: 52/10

*Scout is watching you fap*


10/10 would fap again