Flappy Bat

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Flappy Bat is the first game in a series of a local community project to teach kids at 10 years+ how to program games. And we started with a modified Flappy Bird game, with some funny elements. Publishing on Newgrounds is part of teaching them how they could monetise their games.


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I have to say that this game is pretty annoying, but... what to expect from flappy bird-like games? It is much better than original and there is very hight graphics! Very creative, espessially explosive crates, but it is... like you know, a little bit weird, I mean floating crates and running spikes? Anyways, this game reserves a good rating!

The gameplay should be adjusted a little more: make the bat smaller, add a little more gravity and increase a little more the speed of the obstacles, add a replay button, add music, mute button and different obstacle types...
Good luck :)

not original all you did was copy flappy bird...

The kids will also learn the importance of making something else than a Flappy Bird clone, a kind of game that everybody hates now, after having seen thousands of them submitted on Newgrounds.

This one is better than 99% of the Flappy Bird clones seen so far, but it's still the kind of game very few people want to play now. Clone any other game and you will get better reviews and votes overall :)

solron99 responds:

Thanks for your review.
The reason we chose a Flappy clone is it is a really easy game to make. Everybody knows the game, and I hoped it would motive them showing them how little effort it took to create a game.

Also know it is a hated game. And I'm not a Flappy fan my self. ;)

Next project for the kids is a remake of a 36 year old Atari game. And not so hated.

Cute game, works fine. It's not much new, and the screams get annoying quickly, but that's it.
Umm, it's really hard to define where it's safe, because there's so much wing movement. In the end I just did my best to give the bear traps a wide berth, whilst the bombs were slightly more awkward.
Sadly the more I play this, the less I like it, so I'll stop here.
I'd give you 2.25 stars if I could.
P.S. As I leave my high score is 8

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2.93 / 5.00

May 15, 2015
4:24 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid