Freedom Skies

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UPDATE: Get it now on Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.air.FreedomSkies

The Empire is at war with the Rebels. You are a Rebel Fleet Commander. Your mission: to stop the Empire from taking over the skies. For he who controls the air, controls the war.

Command your fleet of airships and fighter planes to fight off the Empire scums. Free the skies!

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Played as far as I could go.

Survival Mode:
-Crashes/fails randomly after 60th level.
-On random levels, if your main carrier dies, the game does not stop, and no menu allows to end
-Bullet storm graphics that lock up, causing many enemies to bunch up, not die then all the sudden several of my carriers explode.

Campaign Mode:
-Unknown objectives. I have no idea what gives me 3 stars or what to avoid
-No stats on anything. I have no idea what each level increases, fighters launched, created, or HP
-Energy Carrier: No need to have a single that gives +5 and a duel that gives x2 4+. Just have one that increases with levels aka
Level 1 X1 +4
Level 2 X1 +4 faster
Level 3 X2 +4
Level 4 X2 +4 faster
Level 5 X1 +5
And so forth
-The Final carrier -Elite Fighter Carrier is all but useless against some fighters, even in groups of 4 5 or 6., they always seems to fly too fast and overshoot an enemy
- Recycle carrier option needed : When I get 700 energy I dont need an energy carrier any more but Id like to have another fighter carrier.
- The Adv. fighter carrier (60) is cheaper than the normal Fighter Carrier (70)

- Map is wonky. It pans over to mid way between two locations or 1/2 over to nothing at all
- Sixth level on the Black Seas map is unplayable. once activated, nothing happens and nothing is allowed to be built.

Maybe add a bit more customization for the ship itself? Like give it guns for it to have on it's own, maybe allow a custom flag-ship(only one custom ship allowed plus one custom fighter unit) and a more in-depth fighting system such as a large play-field and objectives such as neutralizing enemy bases and ships as well.

Would make the game extremely addicting especially if given an online-competitive element to it as well.

Custom ships, custom stats, custom guns, shields etc. just limited to how much can be customized. But no limit to the strength and abilities you can make custom ships even being able to constantly go back to them and make them better, stronger, even giving skill trees for the commander themselves as they level up to unlock passive abilities, active abilities, even passive upgrades as well to all units would be nice too.

jujaswe responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Really interesting! The features you suggested could make the game become a complex desktop game rather than a simple web game, which is nice. I'll definitely add this to my future projects list.

Rally point (the red thing) doesn't work very well.Fix it pls

jujaswe responds:

Hi! Can you please provide some details on what's wrong with it? Thanks! :)

Very good game. Nice idea.

A few suggesttions though:
-what is the point of advanced ships if they have exactly the same energy price as their lower version? They should be more expensive since they are better
-what not using arrows to move the map instead of using JUST the mouse? It make things easier for the player
-after my adv nergy ship was destroyed, it kept on producing energy. you should check that bug

jujaswe responds:

Thank you for pointing these out. I will look into it. :)

Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

May 15, 2015
4:29 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)