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@kingbuttsz and @Johnnytwobyfour teamed up and made this nifty little thesis film for graduation. Proud!

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This was a cute flash

Well this was a cute animation the story was very good the whole concept was pretty good and I liked it and that baloon scene was really good kind of funny and amusing so nice job here this was pretty entertaining so as for improvement I would love to see this charracter in more episodes

Make more episodes with this character


I like the reference to "Up"! How he tied all the balloons to himself and the tune from Up played! Great film!

They got their happy ending after all. :) Entertaining; peaceful little short, with a few nice creative twists along the way, like the sharp rocks and stars... feels like the character motion was a bit stiff in some parts, like when he's rising and just starts to fall, how he just hangs there a bit abruptly, and leg/arm movements when he waves/rattles. Overall though, it was masterfully done! And not too short either.


I really like this. The frame rate is a bit hit and miss and there are certainly bits that could be cleaned up (animation twitches, a couple of black frames) but the characters are cute, and the idea is very good. Giving the moon personality was a good idea, and the story was generally fun and clear. Well done overall.

What a lovely movie!Pretty good job Sarah&team, this surely deserves to be added to the site

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4.53 / 5.00

May 13, 2015
12:55 AM EDT