Hooks Hurt

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A thing I did for loop de loop's bi-monthly animation challenge for the theme of empathy. Check it out at http://www.loopdeloop.org

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funny as fuck :D nice animation man!!

DanyellSmith responds:

Cheers dude!

I like this loop!

A very silly animation loop.

I love all the details put into the one closeup on the fish with a hook in it's mouth.

Did you color that fish using a digital image manipulation program?

The spots on the fish look great and the shading was nicely done.

The fish appeared to be inspired by actual fish in it's entire form.

The eye itself was a bit more cartoony and added a certain sense of silliness.

The loop itself would mostly be standard newgrounds fare for the most part.

I would label this movie as average.


DanyellSmith responds:

Thanks heaps for all the awesome feedback! Yeah I painted the fish (which is based off of a salmon) in photoshop.

This was great! I laughet more than I should :D and the animation was very well done in my opinion, but maybe you should've added a point? I dunno, I expected something different when the second fish was pulled out

DanyellSmith responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I would have liked to have done some more stuff like you said but I couldn't really with the deadline for the contest being so close.

What Kind Of Fish Can Yell

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May 11, 2015
9:54 AM EDT