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The Asteroid

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Good Enough! 25 Points

Score 1500 or more.

Not a Noob 25 Points

Score 3000 or more.

Not that bad 50 Points

Score 7500 or more.

Asteroid Destroyer 100 Points

Smash 1000 asteroids.

Asteroid Mastery 100 Points

Score 25000 or more.

Pretty decent 100 Points

Score 12500 or more.

Spaceship Destroyer 100 Points

Smash 1000 spaceships.

Author Comments

After the Asteroid war of extermination in 1979, the Spaceship empire spread like a virus throughout the universe, reproducing exponentially, annihilating any and all asteroids. To survive, individual asteroids have been forced to cannibalize their own kind in order to prolong their existence. You are The Asteroid, survive and bring devastation to the Spaceship empire.

(Control your character in order to avoid or to smash into other asteroids and spaceships. Each collision with a spaceship will decrease your size, but you will receive a lot of score points. If you smash into other asteroids they will break apart into fragments. You will increase in size for each 5 fragments that are picked up.)

Press "P" to pause the game.

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blaziken8x.theasteroid

Update notes:
- The game should be a bit harder now
- Achievements will now be updated every 30 seconds during the game (they were constantly being updated before)
- Disabled antialiasing to possibly reduce lag
- Reworked some of the logic to possibly reduce lag
- Reworked the spawning system to possibly reduce lag
- Fixed some minor bugs in the spawning system
- Removed "Submit score" button (final scores are now submitted automatically when the game over screen appears)
- Added a pause button (P)
- If ships slow down too much they will explode (to remove them from the screen and hopefully reduce lag)
- Added asteroid/ship counter to the title screen
- Score will now be submitted every 30 seconds
- Removed any unnecessary code to reduce lag
- Fixed spawn points (ships shouldn't be spawning in the middle of the screen now)

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Pretty hard, but I like it :D

I may actually like this more than the original Asteroids, I did experience slowdown at around the 3200 mark but it wasn't problem until around 9000, the only thing that feels like a missed opportunity is to make up some bullcrap story about why the asteroids are sentient and there are so many spaceships like for example,

After the Asteroid/Spaceship wars of 1979 the Spaceship empire spread like a virus throughout the belt reproducing to the point there is no room left for asteroids, to escape this horrible fate the asteroids have begun to cannibalize each other for survival all long to be the survivor of the sick game to emerge to the victor, the winner, The Asteroid

or some such nonsense, at least that what I wrote in my head while playing, but seriously it is a good fun simple game, and if the slowdown issues are fixed i could see playing this pretty often

8rlx0apps responds:

I updated the game today, hopefully the lag will be reduced in this version. I tested the previous version on my 8+ year old laptop and it crashed at around 28k score (I'll test the new version now). :)

I like the idea of giving the game a story. Would you mind if I put, something very similar to what you wrote, in the description of the game?

My shockwave plug-in crashed at 13800 :(

When the score rises, so does the lag.

8rlx0apps responds:

I've updated the game today. Hopefully the lag will be reduced now.

Good game! Also, I'd recommend making the ships move a bit faster over time while having a fixed maximum amount of space ships to increase the difficulty without causing major lag.

8rlx0apps responds:

I've updated the game. The difficulty should be higher now. I tried it a couple of times and could only get to around 6k score.

I like the simple and addictive gameplay. I don't like the lag and game shutdown at 8800 points bit!

8rlx0apps responds:

I have no lag at all on my computer, but I am trying to figure out how to refresh or improve it to reduce the that some people seem to be experiencing.