Speedpaint Watergirl

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The character ain't mine, but it is from miistiish from instagram.
The music I used belongs to : masakazu here on newgrounds

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I really love your art, another great success. I cannot wait to see more from you ;D


AngelsDead responds:

Yay! Thanks for the lovely reply! I really apriciated it!

i dont think ive seen anything like this on NG before , i like it 3 stars from me

AngelsDead responds:

I'm glad you liked it!

I'm personally not a fan of these speed drawing videoes to be perfectly honest.

I find many of these speed drawing videoes to be boring; However, it can often be interesting to observe the drawing and coloring techniques of other artists.

I notice you plan your colors out by first doing some experimentation on scrap paper before deciding on appropriate colors.

I never thought to work out my colors on scrap paper before choosing colors.

I may have to steal that technique for coloring my own drawings on paper.

This movie can be improved upon by including the names of your art supplies, time spent on drawing, ect.

On screen statistics is very useful information to include for educating your audience.

The brand of paints, markers, coloring pencils will help potential audience members in buying possible art supplies.

I noticed you used certain japanese brands of marker.

The video was a very generic speed drawing video and future speed drawing videos can be enhanced.

Next time include statistics on time spend and brands of art supplies.

- Mightydein

AngelsDead responds:

Thanks for your honesty!

You may steal that technique :3

The only difficult thing is that I dont know how to add time worked at the drawing and the artsupplys I used :/

But Ill try to learn it!

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3.18 / 5.00

May 10, 2015
5:14 PM EDT