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(Short 6) What if Dan never joined Joseph and Nathan in "Get Together"?

Credits muisc by Bulby
His channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz6zvgkf6eKpgqlUZQstOtQ
Also, subscribe to my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/GamerGuy64p


Yeah, a 2 "frame" animation, you're getting lazy.

Hello, GamerGuy64

I will be reviewing your short animation and will provide feedback in the form of in-depth analysis.

Lets begin this review by mentioning the music.

I like the video game like music at the start of the movie.

That one second song has worked effectively as a theme song and is very much appropriate for short skits.

The intro was a good example of animation and music working together in synchronization.

You paid very close attention to the music and animated with rhythm.

The one kid yelling,'' Somebody, call the police'' over acted; However, the kid getting arrested should have placed more emotion into his acting.

It's generally better to overact than to underact in my own personal opinion.

I would rate the overall voice acting as passable.

The first background looked bad and could have used more detail.

The road and sidewalk looked okay but the buildings were multi colored squares.

The sky displayed a clear day and eliminates the work load of adding moving clouds to the background.

Your characters were animated frame by frame.

The character designs didn't strike me as having a recognizable art style.

You are likely learning how to animate and draw.

The movie displays clear signs of being inexperienced.

You will get better with practice easily with each new submission to this site.

The one kid's glasses can get improvement by treating the lens like a transparent mirror.

Glasses often reflect light and sometimes reflects images more faintly than a mirror.

The glasses are basically an insignificant detail and your drawing in that area is passable.

The second background with the dead cats displayed less detail but was much more effective.

The second background in your movie looked better.

The sky was also clear in that background and eliminated a need to animate constantly moving clouds.

Background clouds can be animated with simple motion tweens, frame by frame or both.

There really is no wrong way to draw the sky because it endlessly changes.

Clouds often move and change pattern formations.

The sky comes in a variety of colors besides blue in real life.

The sky in winter is often a shade of brown at nighttime.

The sky can often be a fascinating thing to watch sometimes.

You could watch the sky to get inspiration on ways to create different types of sky backgrounds.

As already mentioned; There is no wrong way to draw sky backgrounds because the real sky constantly changes.

You can mix solid colors, create gradients, paintings, sprites for creating sky backgrounds.

The sky background is open to experimentation using a variety of looks.

I like red spotlight special effect for representing a police car; However, lights off of a police siren move and change color.

It's generally a red and blue light pattern for a police siren.

The characters facial expressions remind me internet memes.

More tailored facial expressions would add an extra element of humor.

The eyes on the kid yelling, '' somebody, call the police!'' could have the iris of his eyes rapidly change to display panic.

Don't be afraid to play around with the eye shape and pupils.

In animation the eyes can do impossible things such as bug out, form swirls, change shape, ect

You can sometimes read emotion in the characters eyes; However, other facial muscles also add to the overall form.

Play around with the facial features of your characters to more effectively display emotion.

Thus concludes my in-depth analysis of your short animated cartoon.

- Mightydein

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3.29 / 5.00

May 10, 2015
2:43 PM EDT
Comedy - Original