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Elf of the Forest

rated 1.75 / 5 stars
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May 9, 2015 | 10:54 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Game made for the Stencyl Jam 2015. It's a mix between tower defense and third person shooter, about an Elf that must care a forest.

You can see the other games of the Stencyl Jam 2015 here:

If you want support my artistic work, visit:

In the Forestpedia you can find how to play. This will be an abstract.

Elf moves with w, a, s, d and shoot with left mouse click.

Exist 3 modes. The crossbow mode (Z key) is for shoot to the creatures that don't have halo. The water mode (X key) is for shoot to the creatures that have halo. And the seeds mode (C key) is for put trees and fungi that shoot like in a tower defense, for know how to plant, please read the Forestpedia.

The objective is resist 10 waves without the Ecobalance reaches zero.

The Ecobalance's life is 50.
Don't kill an animal without halo is -1.
Don't kill an animal with halo or shoot it in water mode is 0.
Kill an animal with halo in crossbow mode is -1.
For exit from the game and back to the Main Menu, put the mouse in the right-up corner and an "X" will appear for click it and exit.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Don't be so harsh guys, i think the game is good but of course there is place for a lot improvment if you wish. I think it should be more clear the ecobalance, i would prefer to know the damage of not killing an animal for example, but not till the end of the round, and btw i think adding a score and a round identificator would be great. I might give a try to Stencyl in the future, i like the idea of doing games like this without programming and complex coding. Anw good job

SergeiBSG responds:

Thanks! Interesting your opinion.

About the Ecobalance, its life is 50. Don't kill an animal without halo is -1. Don't kill an animal with halo or shoot it in water mode is 0. Kill an animal with halo in crossbow mode is -1.

Yes, the ecobalance could be more clear. For example, the ecobalance bar only indicates when the Ecobalance is in 100% 75% 50% 25%, for time I didn't add more variations. Also the space was a problem, my idea was put a lot of images in the game, but not only Newgrounds have a limit of 100 mb, also with a lot of big images stencyl don't work well. For example I did 22 illustrations for the game (finally appear 4, if I'm not wrong) and the Forestpedia had 6 pages (finally have 4). For this game I didn't try use direct text, all is written in an image, obviously that affected the space too. If I had known that the Stencyl would not resist all the images my priorities would been others, I spent all a week, or perhaps more, drawing and painting.

I'm agree about a round identificator. In the case of the score, I didn't know, originally I wanted it, but I thought that was not necessary because the objective is complete 10 waves and don't exist a ranking or things like that in this game.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

I understand this game was made for a game jam, so time was clearly of the essence. That said, I think you've got some major room for improvement in this game, should you want to update it in the near future with the benefit of not having any looming deadlines on the horizon.

I found the layout to be rather awkward. I suppose you envisioned the player to use his/her thumb to use the ZXC keys, and the remaining fingers for the WASD directional keys; however I found myself instinctively trying to click the icons on the upper left corner, in a vain attempt to do the same thing the pressing ZXC keys would do. You could say it's my fault for not getting familiarized with the controls, but something could be done about this, regardless. The mouse is *essential* to this game, moreso than the WASD directional keys, since the character can shoot in all directions and is able to plant the mushrooms without needing to be near them, and both actions, imperative to progress, can be performed with mere clicks.

If this game can be played with a single controller, it'd be great... especially considering that this is a really, really simple and basic game. I feel that all the world building you've done has gone a bit to waste when it all boils down to serve a game about preventing enemy sprites from reaching the left side of the screen. As is, it's all somewhat barebones. Not only the game mechanics are barely connected to the plot you're trying to convey, but this is something so antiquated and already seen you might as well could've improved the game by not spending any time in giving this game a plot, but focusing on making the game mechanics tighter and fresher instead.

As for what there is, however... well, I read you said something about the characters being made this particular way so you could take proper advantage of the 640x480 dimensions. However, are you actually taking said advantage when the enemy stream is only happening on the lower half of the screen? This is a game that's all happening in a 320x480 space. The mushrooms and the trees don't need such a big area to themselves. They might as well could've been icons, which would've allowed you to use the available screen room for a more interesting level design. Something else than just a straight line (you mentioned this is a mix of tower defense and third person shooters! well... as the former, it's quite a boring one, and as the latter, it's... a tenuous one, at best).

The art could be improved, but I wouldn't say it gets in the way of the game. Nevertheless, I think you could make a more interesting background (two flat shades of brown?), or at least give the protagonist some proper walking sprites: if I press down or left, the character basically moonwalks. The arrows also have a funny animation if I happen to move while shooting: they will start spinning in place, without changing their trajectory. It feels like if you've suddenly lost your aim. I suggest changing the arrows for pixel bullets if you can't find a fix to this.

I think I've gone a bit overboard here, but I think I'm done for the time being. I really hope you don't take my review as defensively as you did with the two other guys before me. Take your time to sort out the game mechanics and the story you're trying to convey, and don't settle with mere OK's!

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

I dont know where to begin, this is just Atrocious
the game is a fucking mess in terms of gameplay, you cant do anything
i cant believe you finished this, played it and said "Yes, this is a good game"

i could literally shit a better game after a night of Taco Dell

Please for the sake of your work, get fucking good

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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Ok, gotta be honest... This game has too many problems
For starters, arrows start spinning when you hold the left click/click again.
There's no clear indication when you hit something.
Mushrooms are most of the time completely useless.
The transitions between menus are poor.
There's no game over screen, you just get kicked back to the main menu.
You also get dragged around by enemies.
There's also no way to go back to the main menu once the game has started.

On the graphical side, it just looks... bad. But I take you're just starting with the whole art thing, so I hope you get the hang of it soon (you gotta learn to shade, make realistic proportions, etc).

Also, I would recommend you some aditional playtesting, as the game is not really fun, it justs feels... wrong.

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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Often, guns won't shoot, bullets hitting a target won't do anything, you can walk in the air, as well as many other problems. At this point, the game is pretty much unplayable. I hope that if you continue to work on this game, you can fix some of these problems.

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