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Fridge Runner

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Cheater 5 Points

Turn on the level skip cheat!

Double Death 5 Points

You can't kill what is already dead!

First Steps! 5 Points

Beat any 10 levels!

Give me 10! 5 Points

Play Fridge Runner 10 times on the same save file!

Hello Darkness My Old Friend 5 Points

Experience an arrest of your lively development 100 times!

Honest Abe 5 Points

Turn off the level skip cheat!

I can read! 5 Points

You can, right?

No Death 1 5 Points

Start at level 1 and reach level 11 with no deaths! Resets are allowed.

Shameful Display 5 Points

Die 1000 times!

Welcome! 5 Points

Play fridge Runner for the first time!

30 meter dash! 10 Points

Beat any 30 levels!

Mold Removal 14 10 Points

Remove all red mold from level 14!

Mold Removal 22 10 Points

Remove all red mold from level 22!

Mold Removal 3 10 Points

Remove all mold from level 3!

No Death 2 10 Points

Start at level 11 and reach level 21 with no deaths! Resets are allowed.

No Death 3 10 Points

Start at level 21 and reach level 30 with no deaths! Resets are allowed.

No Death 4 10 Points

Start at level 31 and reach level 41 with no deaths! Resets are allowed.

No Death 5 10 Points

Start at level 41 and reach level 51 with no deaths! Resets are allowed.

No Death 6 10 Points

Start at level 51 and reach level 60 with no deaths! Resets are allowed.

You really like me! 10 Points

Play Fridge Runner 50 times on the same save file!

2hard4me 25 Points

Use the level skip cheat!

Puzzle Lover! 25 Points

Beat any 100 levels!

True Fan! 25 Points

Play Fridge Runner 100 times on the same save file!

Play Tester? 50 Points

Beat any 300 levels!

Beat the Game! 100 Points

Reach level 60 by any means!

Dragonrider 100 Points


Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

WOW! Frontpaged! How thrilling! Thanks Newgrounds!

Welcome to Fridge Runner! Glorious amounts of cheese await you!

How many levels can you beat before you cheat?

Music by TheComet can be Downloaded form the Audio Portal here!


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This is very creative for having such a simple and common general idea. Thousands of platformer games have been made, yet this one still stands out. The way the player must interact with blocks is unique to this game. In most games, blocks are just moved by pushing them. I think forcing the player to think with their head, pun intended, is an excellent addition and allowed for some very interesting levels to be made. Sixty levels (plus the lost ones) is more than most games of this kind, but I never did get bored, so this is fine.

It is a bit of a shame that so few people had the chance to play the lost levels. I mean, you did an especially good job on those <spoiler> the changed gravity mechanics were a welcome addition, as by that point the standard mechanics were getting old. Forcing the player to refresh the page to pass certain levels is odd, not out of place with the rest of the game.</spoiler>

The art is simplistic, and the story is non-existent, but honestly, I think this may have been for the better. It might feel a little weird to have some beautifully designed, anti-pun ant-ended again. The meaninglessness of playing the game fits well with the general strange elements of design. Truthfully, I rarely actually listen to the soundtracks of the games I play on NG. This one was no exception, but just listening to it now, I think it was a poor choice. The game's not <b>that</b> exciting. I'm glad I listened to some lo-fi hip hop on YouTube instead.

The medal requirements are pretty well chosen, with a mix of progress based medals, challenge-based medals, and grind based medals. Clearing the red stuff felt decent, even though it looked nothing like mold. I personally like the idea of splitting up no-death achievements. It makes them easier, but still pretty difficult to obtain. The "Beat x number of total levels" medals were both achieved while attempting to get other medals, and though I did have to grind a bit, it was easy to die a lot very quickly once you reach level 59, so dying one thousand times was very attainable. The medal "No Death 6" is the only one that I have yet to achieve, but plan to in the future. As for the "Play Fridge Runner X Times" medals, these I have no idea how to obtain. The "Lost Levels" badge does seem to be broken for everyone, so if you ever read this, please do remove it.

Ultimately, this is very good for a game as simplistic as it is, but I would be rather pleased to know how to unlock the medals for playing Fridge Runner a certain number of times.

Well that was fun

So this was pretty fun the music was really kicking good and the interactivity of the game was fun, the screen size I could see you making larger, maybe even some added flashy effects on moments of action points, but besides that this was a nice little game here.

the screen size I could see you making larger, maybe even some added flashy effects on moments of action point


It's incredibly annoying how you get stuck to the wall
there isn't much to this game, but its still ok

Is there any legit way to get the "Play Fridge Runner x amount of times on the same save file" medals? I notice the only people with those medals are yourself and presumably a beta tester.

This game doesn't appear to even have "save files" and reloading the page x amount of times certainly does not award those medals. If it's not obtainable it shouldn't exist as a medal.

As to "Find the Lost Levels" I will assume that is a secret which, nevertheless, can be found somewhere -- I don't know .. never found it myself and I assume you need those Lost Levels to obtain the Dragonrider medal as well, considering reaching and completing level 60 (which seems to be the last level) doesn't award it. So no complaints on those if indeed that's the case.

TerribleDesign responds:

There is a single autosaving game file. It saves after any level is beaten.

Yes, there are more levels after 60. Since you found the level skip cheat and have reached that last level, you already have all you need to get to the lost levels. If you try skipping the lost levels like you can with the previous 60, you will be sent back to the first lost level. Beating the last lost level will give you the dragonrider achievement. Goodluck!

Non of my other games have issues with medals, so go ahead and give those a play!

Was there a legit way to find the lost levels? I've got the dragonrider medal now but not the one for finding the lost levels.

TerribleDesign responds:

Unfortunately, I think there is an issue with Stencyl. The games that use my regular programming have no issues with medals. It seems to affect random people. Sorry about that.