Spatula City

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I whipped this up in a few hours, and it's my first submition to NG. All those who have seen UHF (a really old comedy flick with Weird Al) will know where this came from. For those who don't... it should still be a good laugh(I hope). Have fun. =)

UPDATE: Fixed the sound, so it should run properly now.


That was Great!

That was so good! Wow! I would just place that on a TV on a other show. That people are watching it. My show will maybe go like this.

One of my shows:
(Poncho and Mac watching the Spatula City comercial)
Poncho: That it! I know how I can make up with Roxi! I will buy her a spatula!
Mac: What? Buy her a spatula? That the most craziest idea ever!
Poncho: I try every thing else. What else can to do?
Mac: Oh! Go on and do it I know you want to.
Poncho: Ok here I go to Spatula City!
(one day later)
(Mac and John watching the Spatula City comercial)
Mac: Man! How a spatula helped Poncho and Roxi make up?
John: Because spatulas are so cool! I have 8 of them at home!
Mac: I think every one in this City is nuts.
(John is walk to the door.)
Mac: Where you going?
John: I'm goto Spatula City! To buy some spatulas.
Mac: Thats it I'm moving out of this City!
(The End)

Well maybe you will see it. Well any way Great job!

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delitescent responds:

lol, very in-depth look at your show. Good luck with it (and thanks for the review!) =D


damn dat waz crazy, i really sounds like an actual comercial, who waz da anouncer

delitescent responds:

It does, doesnt it? =) I'm not too sure who the actor's name is, but it's one of the promo announcers from UHF (there were a few different ones..). And oh yea- thanks for the review! =D


i like the button at the end!!! also i like the celebritity heads!

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LoL, I saw that movie!

The one where he starts a TV Station, channel 62 or something and Channel 8 dude is trying to put them out.. That movie was funny, nice work!

delitescent responds:

Yea, that's the one. One of my favourite comedy flicks. Thanks for the review. =D

You know what?

Normally, I don't like take-offs. I usually want them to be blammed, but this is good.

You're button at the end kicked ass, by the way, good choice on celebrity heads. Keep up the good work.

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delitescent responds:

Thanks for the positive comments =D. (And yea, I think the button is cool as well.)

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Oct 10, 2002
10:41 PM EDT
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