Spatula City

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I whipped this up in a few hours, and it's my first submition to NG. All those who have seen UHF (a really old comedy flick with Weird Al) will know where this came from. For those who don't... it should still be a good laugh(I hope). Have fun. =)

UPDATE: Fixed the sound, so it should run properly now.


Based on a 'commercial' from the movie "UHF".

I loved that movie when it came out back in 1989. It could have done a lot better at the box office, but it was swamped by a whole bunch of other blockbuster movies, namely "Batman" and "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade". Not a bad adaptation of the commercial but it wasn't as detailed. The audio was pretty loud and clear and mixed well with the visuals. But since I've been spoiled by the original version from UHF, I still have to say that the original still kicks ass. Not bad for a recycled joke. :P If you plan on doing more, try to do "Raul's Wild Kingdom". lmao

Good till the end......

Don't try to buy my 5 with a picture of Kramer.

delitescent responds:

Thanks for the review, Gootch. =) But I didn't use Michael Richards (Kramer) to buy your vote; I only put him in there because he played a very funny character in UHF. Sorry it that ruined the movie for you.

Very nice!

LOL. I really liked the part where the CEO of Spatula City was reading lines and you see his eyes moving left and right! AND KRAMER ROCKS!

Seriously though, this Flash animation is one of the best looking one I've ever seen (rivaling Paper War and Tales of the Scarecrow), but this one's better than both IMO. Very fun flash ^_^

delitescent responds:

Wow, thanks a lot! I tried to keep the graphics colourful yet simple (I guess it worked out, eh?). And yea, Kramer is simply awesome ("Yo yo mama!"). Thanks for the review. =D


God I loved that movie. Whats funny is, back when I was a kid (mid 80's) Liking Weird Al was something you had to hide for fear of ridicule, yet, just when I thought I was the only one who owned UHF on VHS (Love saying that) everyone is coming out and admitting it was the pinnacle of American comedy. You know, the audio didn't *quite* match, but it was close enough for me to ignore it. I gave you a five on the scale, and you'll be one of the Flash makers I watch from now on. Hey...have you thought about doing more Al-themed movies? Maybe making a video? (I think I'm a clone now would be fun to make)

delitescent responds:

Hey, thanks for the review! I've been thinking about maybe doing some other UHF stuff (there's tons of skits in that to make Flash vids for), but some Weird Al stuff would be cool as well. I'll have to consider doing something Al-themed. =D (BTW, I think I know a way to fix the sound, so I'll be updating this very shortly...)

yeah, that was a good movie

I wonder if anyone's gonna do the stinking badgers bit?

delitescent responds:

Heh, thanks. But I can't get the freakin' sound to sync with the movie... I've tried streaming... doesnt work. Any thoughts? (I made a post in the forum for anyone who wants to give he a hint).

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Oct 10, 2002
10:41 PM EDT
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