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Electric Racing

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Race in the electric racing championship. Drive one of 3 electric powered supercars over 12 tracks to gain money to enter new races.
Steer close to other cars to increase your electric charge, and try and win the races.

Use AWSD or cursor keys to steer and accelerate/brake.
Fill your turbo meter by steering close to other cars.

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I always wanted a Tesla Model S, but I don't have enough money. Thankfully, this game satisfies all my electric car needs. For free! 5/5

I love you so much, turbonuke...

The "induction charging" is a really neat take on the "close call" concept that is popular in arcade racers nowadays. It would get even more interesting if you added drafting or 2p capability, so you could get into an "induction-charging pair" and boost each-others' speed, for example.

Winning is kind of sporadic, since it depends largely on how much the AI car bunch up behind traffic/for how long/how slowly you pass them (induction). The first two you can pass off as "that's how street racing do", but I think the induction charging should be based off of proximity (with a penalty for hitting) rather than time spent near a car/cars.

Graphics are pretty impressive! Smooth control, fast movement, overall a real fun racing game. Not bad!


not bad

This is a pretty fun game.

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4.46 / 5.00

May 8, 2015
6:30 AM EDT