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arrows/z,x controls, get different weapons and boots, as you explore the depths
-Destructible Environments,
-Different weapons
-Different boot powerups.

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exelente muy bueno aunque no merece esa calificacion

sorry bro this game needs a lot of work...try adding some check points and a brief description of what the power ups do...maybe a tutorial?

cool, cool

I have no idea what is going on I think the game has some merit but perhaps explain what the power ups do would help other than that really great.

This game, oh this game, this game made me want to just clear all my browser history to eliminate any traces of me having played this piece of crap. To start with, there are no checkpoints, so if you die, (You die in one hit by the way) you have to start all the way over at the begging. And that's not even the start, you lose any items you had as well, and whatever score you had, which doesn't save in any manner, making scores meaningless. Then, there's the "Power Ups" They suck. They just flat out suck and are uninspired, and they OVERLAP EACH OTHER. So, for the boots, you have the Double Jump, High Jump, Ultra Speed, and Spike resistance. Simple enough, but then you have the fact to clear certain obstacles, you need certain items. Again, simple enough, just grab the right power up and WRONG. You get items by busting open chests. Items that are RANDOMLY GENERATED. And when you bust a chest, it's busted for good, it won't respawn until you die, at which point EVERYTHING resets. The desctructible environments, are destructible. But not enough for it to be any fun to just plow through blocks. And there are three weapons, one of which is your starter, a pebble. The pebble is then overlapped, by either bombs, which are inacurate and can kill you, and destroy the environment, and hammers, that destroy the environment. You need these to make any progress in this piece of crap. Then there's the graphics, which are uglier than sin and looked like Atari and 8 bit had a demon baby. This game sucks, and just, don't waste your time. Newgrounds, BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP.

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1.99 / 5.00

May 7, 2015
1:21 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other