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Real Mine Sweeper

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Author Comments

Real Mine Sweeper, it is a great puzzle game, your mission is to allow your tanks army to cross a field full of mines, in order to do that safely you must dig the field in search for clues, detect then patch all the mines existed, each time you dig a place, a number is revealed that gives a clue 'how many mines are around this dug place', using simple probability you can find out the mined places, dig all free places and patch those with mines underneath until no more places are remained, only then your army will cross safely...

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it's more than just annoying that over 50% of the levels even on middle difficulty start with a "you lost". at least it felt like it were more than half the time. You definitively should change that.

And it's really bad (at least in my mind) that the tanks start driving as soon as a line is cleared. I mean .. if i simply place tags everywhere on a line the tank starts. these are not really smart drivers right ? but ok, filling a whole line with tags is not what people normally do. To keep it more realistic: i came to a point where it was unclear where to place the last few mines. to figure it out i simply started to place them to see at what point the math would work. and suddenly one of the tank starts and i couldn't stop it. If they start driving by themselves right after a line is finished, they also should go back if a tile on the line is removed again.

Nice remake of an old classic. One thing you should consider though is to reshuffle the board when the first click hits a mine (this is really annoying in expert mode)

PowerKnight responds:

Thanks for you helpful hint.. :)

Very good :D

PowerKnight responds:

I am happy you enjoyed it

Been playing for a little while, found two issues so far. Grammar and the fact that once the mines explode it is just the mines from Halo.

PowerKnight responds:

Right you got it right :D , I will fix the grammar :)

First of all I want to apologize , if I got something wrong PLEASE flag this as unhelpful.
By the way, a clearer help section would make it better, in my opiion.

It has potential, but it isn't quite there.

On the positive points: The graphics are good, and gameplay is quick and light.
Also theme is greatly represented, with many elements helping create an army image.
Music is also good: themed but not too harsh.

On the negative points: It's not really different from the Classic Minesweeper, altough it guarantees extra "patching" if you guess wrong you still lose. [ The idea is interesting, by the way. If the author can tweak it to make it different I would like to test it, I like rule changers from classic games. ]
And it doesn't guarantee a basic puzzle condition: SOLUBILITY. The game could ensure that you start with enough information to proceed. Also it could remove basic things like isolated 2x2 diagonals (totally and always unsolvable, granting an awful 1/2 chance of losing even with perfect game)

PowerKnight responds:

I liked your review much, 'patching' gives the feeling of your important rule in the game, I suppose there could be more tweaks in the game, I've some ideas that surely I will implement...

About the solubility, it is like the main classic game, could loose more often when the mines density increase, when it is at the top (50%) the odds are not good always :)

Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

May 6, 2015
2:05 PM EDT