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I painted a girl holding flowers on canvas.


I am not a fan of the color choices you made for the finished product.

That said, NG is flash and animation-oriented, not live-action, and that is largely why you are being told to upload elsewhere. Your submission won't be removed, but the people who join and frequent this community are here for animation.

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AngelsDead responds:

What colours would you suggest to use for this drawing?

You're right, but as you might have noticed is speedpaint an upcoming part of the movie section.

I know some people are saying that newgrounds isn't really the place for speedpaints but I think that's because not many people have done it before. I like your style, and the piece turned out great! I think you could make the speedpaint more interesting by having a commentary added in over what you're doing in the video.

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AngelsDead responds:

Haah true, plenty of people told me that. I think that you're right. the speedpaints I see here the most are digital amd seriously sexual orientated.
Im glad you like my style and that you think the drawing turned out fine!
In my previous video's I added commentary, but I had the feeling that my english wasnt good enough. I'll try it again in the next speedpaint! Thanks for the usefull feedback! I really appriciate it!

It's a good piece, but NG isn't really geared toward speed paints. Try YouTube, or upload your work to the Art Portal. The portal isn't so kind these days.

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AngelsDead responds:

Thanks for your compliment! Do you have any tips to improve the speedpaint?

Eventhough most people think NG ain't the right platform to post speedpaint do I get on NG most comments, reactions and even tips. On here I get an average of 3 comments per speedpaint and 0 comment per drawing. While on youtube I get 0 comments per speedpaint and on Deviantart als 0 comments per drawing. After 2 speedpaints I mostly gained 1 follower on NG. I know that its not allot but some people seem to like the speedpaint here...

do you draw for that "steven universe" show? because i could swear...

AngelsDead responds:

Hahaha nope, but thanks for the compliment.

The drawing is ok, but you need to either upload this to YouTube or submit the drawing to the art portal.

AngelsDead responds:

Thanks for your reply, could you give some tips to make the speedpaint more interesting?

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May 6, 2015
12:41 PM EDT