Giantess Vore POV

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*Animated Vore, observe at your own enjoyment*
In this short animation we take a close look at the innards of a giantess.


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I love it

This nothing special but I gotta love your take on falling into a mouth and being swallowed by a lovely girl. But the falling over or something part is what I don't like about this animation. Really got a good feeling about the sliding down her gullet. Bravo and good luck don't stop believing.

i like this animation! it was kind of hot! and scary.
i love the way it was colored

Uh... Okay, first of all, good quality... The animation was fluid and graphic. The audio seemed to sync' up well, so no complaints there.
Then there's the 'content' situation. In your case, I'd say, "incomplete". First, it's short enough to be at fault for less than enough to really evaluate. Second, you didn't complete the journey to destination. You might be 'uncomfortable' with developing a qualifiable ending to this, but you probably should've thought about it before you started.
It comes to this simple principle : So we get swallowed by said giantess, and you advertised that we'd tour her bowels... Well and good (nasty maybe, but alright)... At least reach the so-called climax and conclusion so we get an artist's ideal of the visual journey. Why else would we even click on these things if we weren't ready for the journey?
I'd advise taking a little time away (from at least this project) and then coming back "ready to gun for bear" so to speak. You have plenty of talent, and a vision for what you want to do. Now, just get a clear view in your mind and actually do it.
Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will be your style... Breathe, take a little slack time, and then come back for more. You probably have something here, but YOU'RE the one who will have to explore it... build on it... develop the artist you were intended to be...

Mostly, try different things to find what "fits"... And as you grow as an artist, revisit this to see what you should do differently. We will be watching.