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Space Jail

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Space Jail was made for my class at School craft College

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LOVE space jail


This game, despite it's general poor quality, is surprisingly cool.
The music plays forever, and I get the impression that it starts afresh each time I begin the game thus playing over itself where it didn't end previously. Of course, that could just be me not spending enough time listening to the music.
Controls are sticky. For whatever reason, I often have trouble changing direction, or moving in general. There is often a significant delay between me pushing a button and moving in that direction. The character seems to momentarily face the direction I want to go in before it stalls. This (the movement problem) is the biggest problem with the game, and often the main contributing factor in my eventual deaths.
The graphics are shit, but characterful as is the whole game.
Maze + Avoidance +Air/timer + Health = a fun combo.
Not until I read the genre of the game did I realize there was combat, which is basic, but I rarely felt the need to use (being short for time, and struggling with controls, I didn't take a leasurly break to kill anything). In future show the controls in the description.

I like this, and if you cleaned it up a bit, and fixed the controls, and maybe a little fine tuning- you'd end up with a pretty solid game. If quater stars were possible, I'd be giving you 1.75 stars.

I like it, the idea is great, reminds me of games like Zelda (wow imagine if you had a time limit in water temple). The movement is a bit buggy, but I'm sure you can repair it. Also, some better graphics would be awesome, but since it's a school project, it doesn't really matter. The only reason I'm not giving you 5 stars is because of the movement.

Extremely poor quality and loud obnoxious music.