Plungy Ball

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Keep the ball in motion! If you don't... you'll die!

You're a tiny ball in a big world of giant rectangles that's trying to get you killed by pushing you out of the screen, maneuver through their cracks, collecting points and slowing them down.

Press on the left side of the screen to go left
Press on the right side of the screen to go right
Back button to pause/unpause

Made for Stencyl Jam 2015

BobRooney on Stencylforums.

Would appreciate if you rated and left a comment

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Sometimes get me annoying the part of the REALLY LITTLE holes XD
But it's cool :)

Nice game. I love the music. The simple intuitive game play is kind of addictive. I'd like to try it on a mobile device.

lackity responds:

Thank you very much!

And in a couple of hours you can, I just submitted the game to the PlayStore.

Great game. Really like the simple concept .But if you can, try adding some music. That will be great :D

lackity responds:

Thanks! I'm definitely going to add some music.

A nice, simple game that doesn't try to be more than it is.

lackity responds:

Thank you!

This game is pretty tight. Addictive in nature, it presents it's self well with the art and design. I love minimalism and this piece executes it well. There is only 2 critiques I have for it and one suggestion. 1st, music man! Ya gotta have some of it! The silence of it doesn't exactly have a good application. Music can set a tone or attitude to this. 2nd of all, this game's idea is something that I have seen before or have seen variants of. The suggestion I have for it is to just add some dynamic mechanics to it! But hey, this is pretty tight regardless. Plus game jams don't exactly give you all the time you need make something( been there, done that ). This is just my objective review. Keep creating friend!

lackity responds:

Thanks! I'm quite happy how it ended up. I'm definitely going to add some music to it later, and I do appreciate you giving me your view on it.

As for adding some dynamic mechanics to it, not so sure about it. It's not a bad idea but I'm afraid the game will lose its "atmoshpere" or w/e you want to call it. But I'll def think about it.

Credits & Info

2.05 / 5.00

May 3, 2015
6:13 PM EDT
Action - Other