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Hulk Smash

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Finished this just in time for the new Avengers movie. Although, it actually has nothing to do with Age of Ultron.

Here, Hulk and Spiderman tackle a new dilemma.


Art, Animation, Voice Acting
-Rigamarole (Nick R.)

Sound FX
- Freesound.org

- All Star by SMASH MOUTH

I always wondered how that band got their name.

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Silly little quick gag using spiderman and the hulk as characters.

You did a better job drawing the hulk than spiderman.

Spiderman's costume is missing the web design on the face and body.

You can easily improve at drawing spiderman by adding a spider web onto his costume.

Spiderman also has a spider on his chest for his costume.

Look into various spiderman media to make improvements at drawing spiderman.

You could even buy action figures to understand already existing characters in three dimensions.

I like the effect used for snow and how you drawn the snow flakes differently.

You could even change the colors of snow flakes to interact with the lights and shadows of your out door environment.

The house outside had some great coloring.

I hope this review has provided you with feedback useful for future improvement.

I look forward to seeing your other movies.


Rigamarole responds:

I tried to keep spiderman minimalistic. It was a stylistic choice that I went with to save time, considering I didn't want to spend too long on a cartoon based around a silly gag. Thanks for the feedback though! Greatly appreciated my man!