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Edit: Front page?!? Wow, thanks Tom!

Bear witness to the events transpiring around you and wish for the power to change them.

Arrow keys to walk left and right, Space Bar to advance through dialog.

Wow, finally done. Domestic is an "experimental" platformer that I created just for Stencyl Jam 2015. The announcement for the jam came up while I was still taking a break after my previous (and first) game, so it seemed like a good opportunity to make something new.

This game is primarily inspired by my time as a public school teacher.

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I feel horrible in my daily life as it is. This didn't help. I request that the father be punished. It's 1 way that we all can feel better. I really want to punch his teeth in.

My heartstrings came undone. ; _ ;

That was pretty good, but also sad and depressing due to the abuse that kid and mother are going through. Also, it is quite realistic that there's no happy ending to this. Great job!

I thought it meant he was going to abuse the cat... I'm sad to see that the little boy and his mother were being abused by the mother's new husband. It's so sad.. too bad there was no happy ending.. that's life, though. Thank God I never had to go through that. I liked it.

That really touched home for me I came out of an abusive relationship(IN MIDDLE SCHOOL) I know why didn't you leave him? why didn't you tell someone? when your in a relationship like that your scared that anything you'll do will upset them I was with him since 2nd grade and over the years we were together it progressed more and more. the breaking point for me was when we were at school and he was flirting with another girl while I was standing right beside him, I told him I was done and he grabbed my wrist and said the thing that brings goosebumps to my neck "NO, your not. BITCH." he grabbed my wrist even tighter and slammed my head into a brick wall(which I know have to live with a bump on my forehead but its smaller now)but after that these two girls saw what happened and I can say they are my angels in a way lets just say. THEY. BEAT. HIS. ASSS.
but yes abuse is a serious issue to walk away from I was scared of guys after that(even my own dad) but I went through therapy(and still am) and I started dating my bestfriend I am very happy
but all I want to say is if you are being abused like I once was. GET HELP. don't say oh they're gonna change because they're not its just gonna get worse they are gonna get more violent. please for my sake get help if you ever need me ill be here even though you don't know me ill be here...

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3.61 / 5.00

May 3, 2015
10:21 AM EDT
Adventure - Other
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