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DJ Sona - Undress me

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For League of legends fans... to thanks Riot for DJ Sona's skin!

The loop spam is made on purpose for people enjoying DJ Sona's butt.

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Was expecting some actual undressing to be taking place her! But the jiggle butt loop definately keeps you occupied for some time, with smooth music to accompany; sync with. Not bad!


totally unrelated to shadman

Not a complete waste, but this definitely needs more. It's practically a looping character test. Not that the choice of character or that the test was bad, but you didn't have to spend three whole minutes worth of animation for a scantily clad young woman to shake her backside with her arms down, and then with one arm up, and then with both up at the same time. It's great to build, but seriously, this is likely to come across as lazy animating. Try maybe adding some profile (side view) angles in there, and have her do something other than partially unzip and expose most of her front. It gets old, even just for this much...
You could let her step back from the machine and actually offer a few dance steps... and even a terrible cabbage-patch would be more than this.

It was plenty fluid, and seemed to sync' up to the sound well, but don't rush rush rush on your animations. Please, take the time to make real art of it. The over-all quality was good, but it could have still used a bit of polish. It's not yet blam-worthy, but I would definitely suggest a bit more time on the drawing and storyboards and revisit this. Take a little more pride in what you do instead of short-cutting as much as you can. It might be important to meet deadlines, but there's more to say for a piece worth watching through than the speed at which you can crank something out and make us sit here wondering "is this it? Surely... There's about to be something, right?"...
Anyways, I don't believe in a low score without something to offer so you can redeam, whether on this piece or the next... Don't take it too hard, it's just a five point system. That makes it so I could only give a five for the greatest classic I ever saw here... Keep working, and it'll come. And animation isn't for the faint of heart.

Animations smooth, her ass moves kinda weirdly though. Nice color palette, really compliments the shading. Good job!

This loop was kinda boring in my own honest opinion.

You seems to pay very close attention to the female form to create your character.

The subtle use of gradients around that chick's ass was effective in terms of color.

The science fiction theme was another interesting choose to accompany the techno music.

Techno music and technology go well together for an effective music video.

The music sounded good.

The animation could have used more variety instead of a repeating loop.

I personally would have rather seen a new interpertation of repeated lryics rather the same animation again.

I personally hated your movie but tried my best to give honest feedback without being needlessly nasty.

I might like your other movies better.

I look forward to possibly reviewing your other submissions.

- Mightydein

Credits & Info

3.26 / 5.00

May 3, 2015
5:32 AM EDT