The uVac (A Science Proje

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The uVac is a completely real, completely working invention made by a 7th grader in his underpants.

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Interesting little movie with a silly concept about an air filtering system.

The video is a commercial for an imaginary product.

The voice for your character is honestly a bit too young sounding for the sales man.

I would recommend having an adult voice that guy's voice instead.

Your own voice would be more suitable for teenage characters or children.

It shouldn't be difficult for a young teenager to get adult voice actors for adult characters.

Your dad, uncle or anyone on newgrounds might be happy to help with adult voices.

You can easily make improvements on voice acting by using the appropriate actor for each role.

If an adult is not available for voices than your next best thing is your own voice but digitally manipulated.

You could have altered the pitch of your voice using any possible sound editor.

A young voice coming out of an adult character's mouth will make your movie extremely amateurish to a certain degree.

It's kinda cool that you started making animations from a young age.

Your skills will become more highly developed than other animators that started at a later age.

I personally started making flash in my 20's and would have loved to have additional experience extending to childhood.

I look forward to reviewing your other movies and hope my advice has helped you.

Best of luck with your future endeavors.