Brutal Swing

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Birds stole your burger, so now what are you going to do about it? It's time for a brutal revenge! Swing from bird to bird and try to find your burger. A funny and addicting game of high scores and tapping fun! Tap anywhere on the screen to swing to the next bird, while avoiding the nasty crows. Swing and jump quickly to accumulate combo points and watch out for the dirty sick birds that are fragile. After collecting several coins you'll be able to buy new characters and special in-game power ups.
Get ready ... the sky is the limit!

Tap anywhere on the screen to swing from bird to bird.

Swing as high as you can and share your record with your friends!

You can unlock funny new characters such as The Granny, The Fisherman, The Warrior and The Caveman!

Buy special items that will help you get even higher or help you attract more coins.

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Killing birds has never been so fun... except that time at the beach

I've been trying, I really have, to like this game. It's a fun concept. The story is funny. I got The Granny character. She's funny too. The gameplay is fun. It did take me a while to figure the controls out. But it is just TOO TEDIOUS. I've tried different strategies. I've tried spending coins on the items, and using them differently, tracking how many coins I could get with, and without a magnet. Seeing how much further time control got me. Combining time control with grappling hooks, to maximize the length of time I could fall with a magnet active. It is just TOO TEDIOUS to try to get an upgraded character. Also, if you use a grappling hook to go up ten birds, you can pass a checkpoint without being offered the chance to buy it. I would be much farther along if this were not the case. Overall, good idea. Good art. Funny gameplay. But everyone that said "coins should be worth more" was right. You got halfway there. You didn't play test this enough, I think. I look forward to other things you make. Please, make them less of a chore.

I didn't enjoy the controls, because it was to easy to find my self flying out into space. I don't know if this should have been a point and click adventure. Coins aren't worth much, and gameplay is tedious. It's a good concept though, and the game's fun when you're winning. I think making it easier to play would help.

I dont mind the controls such much as trying to upgrade. Coins should be worth more. Save spots increase in value and become harder to get better characters. The upgrades dont really help much except the extra hook incase you miss a bird. Make the coins worth a little more.

good setting but terrible controls

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3.52 / 5.00

May 2, 2015
7:40 AM EDT
Action - Other