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Shaun and Terry

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Just a simple, short and sweet animation of some characters I imagined. The idea was that these are two alien buddies walking around Earth, oblivious to those around them yet enthralled by everything else, nobody would notice that they were different as people would think it too unusual to be true (kind of Pratchettesque I guess), and they would get into various shenanigans and the like. I'd probably expose some of the stupid things people do through the innocence and naivety of the aliens.

Music: Erik Satie - Gymnopedie No.1

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Where are all those arrows coming from?! Well, the subtle naivety here's pretty entertaining, feels like an ambient slice-of-life sequence featuring two unorthodox characters. The humanoid forms of the characters is intriguing, makes you wonder what's going through their minds as much as how they react to all that's going on, hard to tell what they're thinking, why they do what they do... feels like something I'd want more of. Growing to know them in response to how they react to humans would be pretty interesting. Nice stylistically silhouetted style of animation too!


ThatGoatface responds:

Thanks for the response! Great overview and nicely worded, gives me things to think about :)

I didn't get it at first until I read the Author Comments. Beautiful idea, but hard to understand the context in such a short animation. I think the idea is great, though. I really want to see more of these. The characters are gorgeously rendered.

ThatGoatface responds:

Thanks man :) and yeah, perfectly understand how it's hard to see the context, originally I thought of doing a much longer animation, joining up their escapades together, I just wasn't too confident how it would turn out. Although now I see people like the idea I might definitely make some more in the future :)

good stuff!!! poses are a little weird, they seem off balance.... but I like the characters, and the whole atmosphere. Needed a little more work: hope there's something bigger in the process.... 4 1/2 tomatoes

GLORIOUS! Wonderfully animated, many hams to you!

a VERY good animation of your two characters fooling around(?) or exploring their enviroment/surroundings(?), so i liked it alot.
also their ''white paint'' goofyness, and their eyes/face expressions were very cute.
i liked those characters alot.
in fact, i would like to see them in more movies, and in more adventures as they move on.
this was very well-done, with a fast, swift animation going on, making this a very good and enjoyable movie, with an almost natural motion in the characters behavior.
this was very original and cool, keep it up.

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4.22 / 5.00

May 1, 2015
3:52 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place May 2, 2015