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Number Snake

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The goal of Number Snake is to fill the grid with a series of consecutive numbers adjacent to each other vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. In every number snake puzzle the smallest and the highest numbers are given on the grid. There are also other given numbers on the grid (with values between the smallest and the highest) to help direct the player how to start the solution and to ensure that number snake has a single solution.

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It took me one round to figure out how the game works - Personally, the description for the 'How to play' didn't really help me understand it but that didn't stop me from playing.

This is a very enjoyable game and I found myself loving it.

I like that I can take my time and figure things out. Since the timer on the side just tells me how long it took me to finish it, rather than how much time I have to complete it, there is a lot less pressure. Which I like, since I hate feeling pressured to finish and it helps me to know if I was able to finish it faster the second time around, than I was on the first try. Which I did. And I was proud of myself.

All you have to do is look at the numbers carefully and think them through. Its a fun game and I'd recommend it to people who like puzzles.

Enjoyable, a fun little puzzle. My main regret is that I would like to be able to type numbers with my keyboard. In addition, sound effects or music provide a lot to a game.

The idea is cool and I could see it becoming big, you need to polish it a lot though.

First, in the "how to play" you misspelled sequence. Second, from the "how to play" I thought that I had to join the boxes manually and not just insert the number and the line would be generated automatically when the game is done.

There should be some sort of punishment if you get a box wrong i.e. you get X amount of boxes wrong and you lose. It can't be a punishment on each box because sometimes you have to get one wrong to figure out where to go.

Some sfx would be nice, like when you get a box right or wrong, or when the line is made at the end.

If you can make the game more interactive it would make it much better, I don't really have an idea but something that makes me want to solve it as fast as I can.

I Liked the game right the start.
This is was a cool idea. This is cool to play. I Played on Easy fro the most Part. I Will try normal and hard the next i play the game. Keep it up

The generator is not rigorous enough to ensure that only a single unique solution exists.

I was faced with a puzzle where everything could be uniquely deduced except the bottom left corner, which appeared like so:
18 17 28
19 __ __
__ __ 25
22 __ 24

There are at least five different valid solutions to that; filling the blanks in reading order, the game as looking for the particular sequence 20/27/21/26/23, but among other things, you can verify that 27/26/20/23/21 is just as legal.But the game refuses to consider any entries to be correct except the one particular answer it generated with, despite having no way for a player to distinguish the One True Anointed Solution from any duplicates.

An inexcusable lapse in what would otherwise be a nicely constructed Hidato implementation.

Also, it would be nice if the game accepted keyboard input of digits, rather than having to click a cell and move the mouse over to the right to click two of the numbers there.

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3.72 / 5.00

May 1, 2015
3:31 PM EDT